Is that ASTM spec?

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48 thoughts on “Is that ASTM spec?

  1. i hope he already had a healed monroe and a lip piercing and he just stuck a safety pin in the holes for LOLs sake

  2. i hate that these loltext pics are fucking everywhere. and grats to this dude, nice safety pin.


    @ 5am: the mount of red around that? not a chance – thats fresh. fkn idiots the lot of ‘em!!

    by all means pierce yourself but do it with the proper equipment, and if you cant get the proper equipment – on’t do it!!

  4. jesus dude, why are you getting so worked up?!
    who cares if he did or didnt already have piercings there, its just a couple of little holes that will heal up within a couple of minutes of him taking them out

  5. we care because of the possibility of a nice pus-filled juicy flaring infection?? but that’d make for another good modblog entry so by all means, have at it

  6. Mega lolz @#9. Clearly you’ve done the lolcat captioning before ;)

    He looks so proud of himself…
    Or stoned. I’m not sure which it is.

  7. I love it when people get worked up about the guy doing it “right” when it’s fairly obvious from the photo that he’s kidding around.

  8. Thats a great pic! sticking safety pins in yourself really hurts though.

  9. omg…how can he do that? it’s not proper…i’m sure he’s going to die! lighten up folks…sometimes it’s fun just to play…

  10. A variation on lip sewing. :-)

    Nice picture.

    Now my comment on a remark of safetypin play piercings.

    It is right that using safety pins for play piercings is not a suitable tool. But getting good (injection) needles is often a problem. Simply complaining it is unsafe is not enough. Telling how to get good needles (the biggest problem) and telling how to play-pierce safely is a much better option. Look at Youtube and you’ll see a lot of movies people are using safety pins, sewing needles, sewers as play-piercing tool.

    Normally people won’t go to a piercer for some play piercings. People went only to piercers if they want a definitive piercing. So, I also did some play-piercings with safetypins before I have any connections in the body modification movement. Later my suspension piercer told me it potentially risky to pierce yourself with safety pins because of several reasons.

  11. #5. Where did blindly insulting chavs and emos come into this? See here I was thinking that people at modblog were all friendly and accepting. It sucks when somebody like you comes along.

  12. Back In The Day we *all* pierced our ears with safety pins ’cause it was “trashy” to have more than one hole so it was DIY or nothing. Nobody lost a head. :)

  13. THANK YOU Elizabeth. I was trying to point out something similar a few weeks ago on a different post (about a roadside tattoo artist in Nepal) and got yelled at by several people. Not to minimize the threat of HIV, hepatitis, or MRSA (or assorted other nasties), but for most other bugs we do have something called an immune system.

  14. Looks like he has eye make up.
    He doesn’t seem serious about it. Maybe having fun. did a dare. lost a bet.

    Really, who decides in the woods, “hey, i think i’ll get my bottom lip and monroe done, becky have anything i can pierce myself with?”
    becky:”….uhhhhh safety pin?”
    dude: “and that will do backy, thanks.”

  15. jesus, half the people on here are sheep you bitch and moan when someone sticks a safety pin in their lip yet are all about defending the rights of people cutting off their junk with rusty crap, if this kid got an interview would be be doin it right or wrong then?

  16. I agree with #30, I pierced my nostril, and lobes… a few times, with safety pins that I filed to a sharper point, disinfected then as much as possible with what I had (the moms a nurse yay) and guess what


    oh and p.s. piercing DIY with a safety pin can’t be that much worse than our grandmothers piercings their own ears with god knows what, and healing them with craptasticly cheap costume jewelry.

  17. I remember my mom telling me about her piercing experience-a needle (non-hollowed), piece of straw and chunk of apple. That was in the 60′s and just for lobes.

  18. Warren, oh Warren! Where is your 6 paragraph explanation of why this is wrong? Please enlighten us, I have a safety pin in my hand and a strange urge to stick through my flesh!

  19. I’m not going to read any comments…too often, in the past, I’ve gotten re-crankied by people taking stuff like this way too seriously.

    I’m just going to post ROFL and move on.

    Bij deze.

  20. LMAOOO. :) Bit silly, but hey, it’s his body. I don’t know him, why do I car eif he gets a raging infection? Gave me some lolz. :)

  21. lolz @ #9
    meh I guess I can’t say much, if he didn’t already have healed piercings…I must admit I have some safety pin done piercings from when I was like 11..Their all healed now tho and I still have em

  22. Sadly I knew a guy in high school who would do something like that. I mean he had my friend stick a safety pin in his eyebrow. Blah.

    Though rofl @ 9. ;p

  23. Sometimes it seems like folks are afraid DIY piercing will collapse an industry. If so… so what?

  24. When I was 11 or 12 I pierced my eyebrow with a sewing needle and rammed a safety pin into it. I knew nothing about piercing and just really wanted an eyebrow ring. It ended up getting horribly infected and almost rotting out of my face. I still have a pretty nasty scar from the huge puss bubble that I ended up with. I’ve learned a lot since and I now buy sterilized hollow needles right from BME shop when I have to poke a new hole. :)

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