Mirin Dajo need not be supernatural…

I noticed that recently Mirin Dajo (link to the original ModBlog mention with videa) was on the front page of Digg, and they linked to the absolutely laughable theory put forth by a “doctor/expert” that suggested he had fistulas running right across his body.

You may remember my interview with “the indestructible man” (more, more, more) in which we talked to someone doing very deep and quite large skewer play without apparent long-term harm. I actually just talked to him this morning — he’s still doing heavy play but not this type, but I wanted to show the scars he has from it, which actually somewhat resemble some of the residual scars on Mirin.

The pictures are not particularly dramatic, because the reality is that there are many, many people out there who are perfectly capable of healing repeated serious injuries. That said, as impressive as it was, “FK” didn’t skewer super deep in terms of what he penetrated… Last year I also posted an interview with a friend who’d play pierced a spinal needle through his ribcage so that it was resting on his heart and twitching to the beat, and I’ve posted other deep skewer folks before here as well.

Now, in no way am suggesting it’s “safe”, but I certainly know many people who are capable of surviving deep skewers, including through the inner body cavity and “organ territory”, with minimal adverse effects or downtime. My personal assessment of Mirin Dajo is that there was no trick in what he did either on a sideshow or a supernatural level, and that he was operating in the same general realm.

10 thoughts on “Mirin Dajo need not be supernatural…

  1. Kinda cool… but scary because of how easy it would be to perforate the intestine, killing oneself with the subsequent infection.

    Interesting though, and I was fascinated and a little wigged out when I read the “indestructible man” interview a while back.

  2. Wow, interesting. I’ve poked myself with a 2g needle before, then right back out again… but it didn’t leave a mark nearly as cool as that.
    And that hair on the stomach is making me a little queasy, not the skewer in the navel. I just want to pull it all out!

  3. The video linked from Digg was some bullshit, Fistula my ass, that’s the most ridiculous explanation I’ve ever heard…

    Some people can just do amazing things.

  4. wow its a shame no one will ever really know how Mirin managed those swords. truly amazing to watch though 😮

  5. I like how it just says “doctor” for that lady and doesn’t say what she’s a doctor of or if she’s been a doctor for more than a year. Still, pretty amazing stuff. Definitely nothing I’d ever try.

  6. that’s pretty intense…

    his healing powers are incredible! let’s hope the government doesn’t get a hold of him and give him a metal skeleton like wolverine…sorry…too many comic books…

  7. okay so if the man getting skewered by a sword video is fake then what’s the explanation? it looked pretty real.

  8. cunning…
    I think more important than the body, is the mind, to know WHAT ypu can du were, and how (to avoid possible damage of intestine or other organs), and than doing that painful scary thing quiet and perfect… A great deal of knowledge and cunning behind.

    like to see… but van’t imagine. (my personal limit were – and are – the arms)

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