47 thoughts on “Keloid Art

  1. This, along with Ryan Oullette’s hand print, is some of the most amazing scar work.

  2. Those keloids are actually a more beautiful color than any ink could have achieved

  3. I STILL can’t believe how well Sam scars!!! She must have some sort of secret aftercare regime….
    Or perhaps it just comes naturally. Either way, she is the awesome, and I remember seeing it about an hour old and thinking it was going to be this awesome, considering who did it, and who it’s on.

  4. Wooooow…

    If I ever get a scarification piece I hope I keloid like that! That’s lovely!

  5. this is really really great. With this kind of cutting, was anything used to aid the keloiding, or was this all natural? Either way, it’s beautiful.

  6. I’m not a fan of scarifications, but that’s the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.

  7. That has to be the most amazing keloid art I’ve seen.
    It’s so intricate and beautiful

  8. This is so perfect!!!!!!! I love everything about it…placement, design, the height of the scars in different places…it’s so well done and so well-healed!!!!!

  9. I can’t stop looking at this. I never wanted a scarification piece… but this one… gives me thoughts. 🙂

  10. Beautiful. John’s the man. Great guy, great work.
    I’ve only had piercings done by him and need to stop squandering local talent.

  11. That is absolutely breathtaking. So, so beautiful – I’m one jealous girly!

  12. I think I spent more time looking at that picture in the john joyce interview than reading. I love it. so glad to see a healed picture.

  13. #29, i dont see how you think people on here are inappropriately using the term keloid, the link you gave describes the above picture.
    are you saying that it is not a keloid?

  14. Wow, that is beautiful. Seriously, the best I’ve ever seen. I would lick that, for real.

  15. i think what 29 is trying to say is that’s hypertrophic, not keloid scarring. it doesn’t break the boundaries of the original cutting/skin removal, doesn’t continue growing out of control, and presumably doesn’t itch or is severely painful. maybe he could say it a bit nice, but there you have it.

  16. I usually really like the look of fresh cutting a lot more than when they are healed. I think it’s the bright red intense lines. But I really like the way this has healed. Too bad you really can’t tell what a scar is going to look like till it’s healed.

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