Surface Bar X-Ray

It’s taking me a bit longer than expected to get today’s update posted (early evening probably) but the good news is that I’ve just about doubled the size of the keyword database, so there are a ton of new tattoo galleries that’ll be getting posted. Anyway, Dinosaursr sent in this x-ray shot of her surface bars done by by Seth at (Pro-Gress) Body Piercing in Raleigh, NC.

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21 thoughts on “Surface Bar X-Ray

  1. I have a similar X-Ray showing the microdermal on my chest, and my pubic piercing…

    But the doc’s wouldn’t let me take one :(

  2. Hun? Strange.

    Huere (Austria) you get pictures with yu, to give them occaionally to the next doctor, who needs to fix something.
    Still have (…somewhere…) a nice high resolution CT pic (controlling of a, fortunately harmless adenome) in > DIN A3 size at home (unfortunally before my piercing time).

  3. In Canada you’re not allowed to have your x-rays either. They send them to the doctor who requested them and that’s all.

    Pretty piercings, I’m sure :)

  4. I hope that the reason the x-ray looks so terrible is because it is a photograph of an x-ray, and not because the radiographer was rubbish!
    I took a sneaky photo of my finger x-ray, but then I got to download it off of the national database anyway! I knew there was a reason I’m studying medicine.

  5. Kim, I’m in Canada and I have copies of X-rays on CD. The request can release X-rays to the patient (usually if the doctor it’s going to isn’t affiliated with the hospital where the X-rays are done) or send it directly to the doctor.

  6. #6… youre not impressing anyone.

    she doesn’t have boob implants either. not at all. or pneumonia :)

  7. BAHAHA, this is my chest!

    I took a picture of my x-rays with my camera phone, because it’s the only camera I had on me when I went to the chiropractor and I thought it was too hilarious not to take a picture. I took a picture of the other x-ray where you can see them from the side, but the interference from the fluorescent lights made the quality crazy.

    I seriously wear a 34B bra. No implants here, at all.

  8. X-rays are taken when something is wrong…otherwise I’d yell ‘want one too!’ rightaway :)

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