More CT scans and x-rays

I liked this CT scan from Jason Hinchee, who’s got a stretched 5/8″ septum tunnel in place. The CT scan was done for some upcoming surgery on his ear, so he was able to keep the septum in place… More images of others after the break.

Above is a moth xray which shows Rubber_Duckie‘s tongue web piercing — and if you look carefully you can also see a tooth gem, a nostril screw, and a tragus piercing. Below is Andrey’s xray (sent in by his friend Golddust) showing a couple tunnels and a tongue bar.

9 thoughts on “More CT scans and x-rays

  1. thats fuckin awsome…just trying to figure out the top one though

  2. top one looks like large gauge septum, a 4 fillings in rear molars and possibly a cracked top of the skull.

  3. That’s not a cracked skull, pwapwap. I’m pretty sure that’s a natural fault called the fontanelle that has fused (which is normal) after his infancy.

    I wish I could find my dental x-rays. I had some extensive bone work done where they broke my upper and lower jaws, so you can see the titanium plates, the screws and I think I had a nostril piercing, a couple of tongue piercings and some ear jewelry.

  4. ^^ its the coronal suture of the skull assuming i’m looking at the same ‘crack’. the skull is made up of many many bones that as courtney said are fused together after infancy.

  5. every time i see xrays i remember how fragile the (inner) human body is.

    those are some nice scans

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