23 thoughts on “Blah.

  1. damn… it appears i will have to change my nickname 🙂 i didnt know vegas was already taken.

    i feel like an imposter now XD

  2. In the first picture – would a q-tip really work as a tunnel? I mean, I think it’s just go right through and get the septum.

    I don’t even like using corks.

    Kind of a weird spot to get a play piercing though (that’s what I think it is at least).

  3. #3 – from my perspective it looks like there’s something wrapped around to q-tip?
    and indeed it seems an odd play piercing, however it is a possibility by the looks of it that it’s 18 ga? possibly a DIY nostril piercing? good luck getting the jewelry in ^_^.

    Either way, great set of pictures before bedtime :).

  4. oh man, i’m so embarrassed of that picture. I got the jewelry in, it was fine. It healed great and I did the other side a month later, with the same stupid ideas.

  5. oh I should also ad that the person in the picture is named Craig, and not me.

  6. that picture of Mabel would have been mighty awsome without the lifevest!

  7. seesterlove! now we can both be like, oh hai we’re trashbags that got modblogged. i luvs you and yer def. not a guy, putis. conchalove.

  8. all three pictures are wonderful. i really really like the first guy’s tatts. he looks really playful. circles = love. the lady in the second picture is such an effing stunner and i love her dreads. i’m getting confused by all the different gender pronouns flying around Mabel so i’ll just say I like Mabel’s tatts and facial expression 🙂

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