26 thoughts on “Windy Room?

  1. My pleasure! I noticed (and a few people mentioned, quite rightly) that I’ve been posting in clumps rather than spreading them out of the course of a day. So that’s what’s going to be happening from now on :)

    I got a little carried away.

  2. -The piercings at the points of her top lip, what are they called? I really liked the way they look.

    And yes, I too noticed that everytime I come to modblog, there’s somthing new… keep up the good work Roo, much appreciated.

  3. she looks pretty. the placement of the piercings is nice. it’s a shame that her face is hidden behind all the hair and you can’t see her cheeks properly.
    is there three or four piercings total in her lips?

  4. Definitely a good idea to spread the posts out, but every now and then clumping is nice too. Either way, you’re doing a great job running modblog so far, keep up the good work Roo. ^.^

  5. Roo, you are doing one hell of a fucking job. The last time Shannon was gone you didn’t have a chance to shine, but you are now man. Like a goddamn supernova. You fucking rock!

  6. P.S.
    is it wrong to add that with a little chapstick, I’d love to fuck that beautiful mouth?

  7. ive seen this photo somewhere before (probably iam) and love it. so beautiful!

  8. d1exa said:
    “it s me)) i wonder)”
    (“это я)) я желаю знать)”)
    “я удивлена” пишется иначе, lol :)

  9. )кхе. диекса наверное постоянно на modblog е

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