33 thoughts on “Overexposed?

  1. It’s like being bribed not to complain with cleavage. I like the symmetry of her face metal though :)

  2. i don’t see symmetry. somewhat, but not complete. ahh i could never have facial asymmetrical piercings, but that’s just me.

    cute girl. =]

  3. Did anyone else then me complain? Anyways this photo is much better exposed. And I wouldn’t mind the girl being more exposed ;)

  4. i think she’s beautiful(and i don’t realy care she is emo/scene or not, cause she’s a woman, not a stupid kid who just wanna be cool), but asymmetrical piercings hurt my eyes. and she also needs an otherone rose tat,and everything will be all right. :)

  5. Emo piercings? How does that even work rofl. Piercings don’t have feelings therefore you cannot have emotional piercings. Same goes for the pose and the haircut. I think she’s fucking hot and the piercings look really nice on her. ^_^

  6. this girl looks so familiar, I’ve totally seen her at a couple shows in the Cleveland area. She’s definitely cute.

  7. lol meg
    I thought the same exact thing
    oh well

    modblog has has much worse things

  8. She’s 18, How the fuck is her hair EMO? Emo = Emotional. I’m pretty sure hair doesn’t have emotions. You people are a bunch of retards.

    She’s fucking sexy, I’d fuck her.

  9. yeah, the eyes and that smile lol. quite the beautiful girl you are steph lol. btw im 18 and single XD

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