39 thoughts on “Noses Are So Tacky, These Days..

  1. Totally used a push pin the first time a pierced my ear. Wore it around for a day, got some good shocked comments, took it out after sleeping with it failed. Oh, sweet nostalgia.

  2. yeah, way too much “blood”. I dont know about ketchup, but definitely some kind of staged medium. They even went as far as to put some “splatter” on the undersided of the tack. I’m gonna say pre-existing hole, done up nicely with ink or paint.

  3. he said it’s not what you think… I’m betting it was already pierced and healed, and pushpin in for an amusing photo..

  4. Roo, why must you tease us? :)

    I think it’s a cute photo, and she can be as stupid (or not) as she wants with her own nose, and I applaud her badassery with a pushpin.

  5. #11…Take a deep breathe…Move away from the computer…Realize you are taking life way too seriously…

  6. wait…

    you don’t use tacks to pierce people?
    well shit. i’ve been doing it wrong all these years and never even knew.

  7. pffft, needs more gore MOTHERFUCKING MORE SPLATTER!
    like you slashed a jugular or something, have you never seen a nose pierced before? :P

  8. Roo says it’s not what you think…so we all think staged… maybe this person was an idiot and did pierce their nose with a push pin?

    @ 6: my nose bled like a bitch when i had it done – blood loss depends on the person and what they’ve had to eat/drink for 24 hours before hand.

  9. when i had my nose pierced, it bled more than this. and using a push pin would cause alot more trauma to the area, so its not inconceivable that there would be this much blood.

  10. #23 &24, any piercing done properly when you havn’t got any issues with your blood, and havn’t done anythin to thin your blood before hand, should NOT bleed. Thats the point of using sharp needles, so the trauma to the body is lessened and there is no need for blood loss. Since going to cold steel in london, which is an amazing place, I’ve not had one piercing that bled, during the piercing, or any time during the healing.

  11. I got my rook pierced by a professional (Ryan Ouellette, iam: The Fog) and it bled. I have no issues with my blood, nor do I take any blood thinners.
    My nose bled a couple days after I got it pierced, when I rubbed it in my sleep. That was nice to wake up to, a nose covered in blood.

    #26 a pushpin isn’t very sharp, so it would probably cause more blood. I still think this looks fake, plus the pushpin isn’t even all the way in.
    Anyone know what gauge a pushpin is? 16?

  12. You know, for it just being someone with a pushpin in their nose, this is such an adorable photograph.

  13. This picture is up on BodyMod.org.

    The user who did it explains in a comment that it was pierced the proper way, allowed to heal, and she did this photograph just for fun.

    Sorry to ruin all your speculation. lol

  14. #26, shining down:

    Actually, nostril and other cartilage piercings bleed precisely because they’re done with a sharp needle one gauge larger than the jewelry itself is going to be. This is because cartilage in a piercing needs room to “breathe”–it has to grow into the area around it. I’m not a bleeder, but my nostril bled as it was pierced with a 17g needle and 18g jewelry was inserted. Because of the extra space, blood can flow out, unlike piercings through soft tissue (lip, etc) where the blood can be plugged by the jewelry alone, as it’s the same size as the removed flesh.

  15. #30, not true. some unexperienced (or lesser experienced) piercers will use a needle that is larger than the jewelry, but that is simply because it’s easier to follow the needle with jewelry if there is a bigger hole. cartlidge piercings bleed simply because cartiledge contains capillaries – which are basically really tiny veins.

    but i must agree, this is an adorable picture, aside from the horiffic-ness.

  16. Ha whatever the technical reasons for a nose bleeding and the size of a piercing needle this picture is really cool. I think it would be hilarious to see someone walking around with a push pin in their nose. I’d probably have to resort to high fiving them.

  17. #31, capillaries are everywhere in you body. And I would think that it doesn’t really matter how experienced or inexperienced the piercer is, some people will bleed even without blood problems, some people won’t bleed. The human body is a mystery a lot of the times.

    I think this is a cute pic though…And what really would be the harm of having a pushpin in your already healed piercing if you know you aren’t allergic to nickel or something like that.

  18. i agree with #30 i make nosrils bleed when i poke them. seems to heal better. there is nothing wrong with a little blood!! haha.

  19. as far as I can recall, my nostrils didn’t bleed too much when I had them done but I’m sure if they were left alone, and not wiped up immediately they could’ve looked this bloody?

    that’s just my two cents.

  20. Yo #30 a capillary is a mini artery, a venule is a mini vein. Why do people always forget that blood not only leaves but arrives too?

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