27 thoughts on “Get Your Efix Here..

  1. Guh. *melts*

    Plus, I love his sleeves. They’re so bright and colourful and well-executed – gorgeous!

  2. j’ai manqué ça! :S mais messemble ça te va bien le look animateur de radio efix, tu devrais le considérer! :P

  3. i agree, i love love love the sleaves, especially the contrasting colors :D

  4. His lobes are happy, he had some trouble with the one you can see, but they’re fine now =)

    He’s one nice guy, he’s the one who did my tongue :D

  5. I do love his sleeves, but I can’t help but think of the little poem my mom taught me when I was young, “Blue and green should never be seen except in the washing machine”, which is just natural instinct anytime I ever see blue and green together.

  6. His sleeves are stunning. I love the colors and how it all flows together.

  7. He’s got some of the best looking sleeves ever. so colorful :-)

  8. Gosh, hes gorgeous, maybe almost as gorgeous as you, Roo :). Beautiful sleeves, fantastic tunnels.

  9. Love those sleeves!! Especially the right one. Huge earlobes!! Nice!!

  10. His arms are so beautiful. He should get more ink on his neck. Up to his jawline. I would love to see his back and chest when tattooed. I assume he is going for full coverate. Best wishes, InkManLarry

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