30 thoughts on “It’s not a problem you can stop..

  1. Mmm that’s yummy, but the clouds look like a big bruise.. or maybe it is a big bruise.. I hope it’s a bit more obvious in real life!

  2. Ohhhh, that is SO beautiful.
    And personally I like the bruise clouds 😛

  3. i really like that the clouds look like a big bruise, almost like an Atom bomb explosion cloud….

  4. the clouds although looking like a bruise, there is a section that looks like a Jesus portrait…but then again clouds look like bunnies!

  5. That is a beautiful piece except for the clouds. Hopefully the cloud area just isn’t finished yet.

  6. So when can we see a picture of it that’s not completely distorted by huge amounts of contrast?

  7. It’s a fresh tattoo so that’s why it’s reddish and looks like a bruise as people have said.

    Chris is an excellent artist and when it heals you’ll see just how great this work is.

  8. I love this tattoo. I know this lovely lady and this tattoo is actually a coverup. Really amazing work. Sanctuary tattoo is one of the best in maine!

  9. I have a similar technique done on my back as the clouds were done on her back and it will lighten up and look amazing as it heals. This is a really amazing tattoo!

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