16 thoughts on “Rules of Life – II

  1. well, actually the triangle has been used by many gangs, cults, etc.And we should all know that B.N., P.R., L.Y.W. are the codes used by the Illuminati to signal the coming apocolypse!! watch out this guy might be trying to sell us all to ALIENS!!
    hahaha, just kidding. please Roo, more bloody boobs.

  2. thats actually A Perfect Circle’s symbol for Three Libras =) looks pretty =D

  3. Love this… it’s funny, and I adore the Celtic trefoil incorporated in it. And btw Roo, you rock.

  4. cause OBVIOUSLY “live free” doesn’t fit the “P.R.” requirements that fluffenutter explained. i like this; hidden meaning or not i like it face value.

  5. #11 so is buying a house, at least in the usa. only most of the time rent comes with included maintenance, lawn care and water, parking, and if you’re really lucky, heat. Whereas a house you have to fix everything yourself, mow and water your own lawn, pay for parking or use your garage, and pay every single last utility. (and if you buy anything newer than 10 years old you are required to join the HOA, thus dictating how high your grass can be, what colour your curtains can be, what kind of flowers you have, and more! all for the low low fee of $150 a MONTH. On TOP of your mortgage.)

    Besides, I’d rather pay a little more each month in rent and have the ability to move every six months to a year if I want. To buy a house involves signing 30 to now 60 YEARS of my life away to paying off that one single location. Unacceptable. Especially since the actual cost of building the house is a third of what they charge for it!

    Note, I’m talking about in the big city, where the cheapest houses in the shittiest neighborhoods are still around $100k and the median home price last I checked was $260k. If you want to pay a mortgage on say, a ranch or a homestead, go for it! But a postage stamp, identical to everything in the neighborhood?

    As to the rules. I don’t think I would put pay rent as a life rule… but anything else to fit the code wouldn’t make sense. I mean Pipe Rats? Pull Roo? well that makes sense… uh. POOP RUBLE!

  6. It made me smile until I read the comments and that kinda put me on a downer.

  7. I like it, and you made me smile with the post, Roo. You’re not always damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

  8. MissSio – $260k? Sign me up! I live just outside Vancouver, BC, and my 1700 sq. ft. townhouse that’s in the middle of farm country and a 1.5 hour drive from the Vancouver city core runs a lovely $341k. $1800 a month plus lovely $160 monthly strata fees. BUT – i don’t have to live here forever. I can still sell the house, move somewhere else, do it again. And being a homeowner after renting for so long, I have to say that despite being butchered in mortgage costs I will NEVER go back to renting again. The pride in having my own home, and being able to do silly things like, I don’t know, paint the walls or not worry about waking my landlords watching movies is really, really nice.

    ANYWAY. Enough of my rambling. More on topic – I like this tattoo. I’m not really sure why, but the design is quite pretty and it just appeals to me on some level or another. But I agree with #1, more bloody boobs Roo. ;)

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