20 thoughts on “X-Ray Sex

  1. those first xrays… are they getting scanned for scoliosis? those look like my initial xrays years ago, before my curvature started to get worse. how strange to see someone else’s spine.

  2. one thing i’m not sure about is why they didn’t have them take their jewelry out. when i had x rays done i had to take out everything, even my plugs which weren’t even metal. maybe it just depends on the place, idk. these are very awesome though.

  3. Those arent scoliosis xrays, they are just basic PA and Lateral chest xrays… anything done for scoliosis would show only the spine and show down all the way to the end of the lumbar spine. I only make people take jewelry out if they can, if they say its new or would be difficult i dont make them.

  4. I got an x-ray of my hips and lower back for work and the stupid dr thought I had swallowed something metal. 😐

  5. same here, conner.
    aside from this place, i’ve had friends show me x-rays with visible piercings, too, but i’ve always been told to take mine out.

  6. I had to get a chest x-ray last year (hooray for mysterious mosquito-borne tropical viruses – not!). The technician had me take all the piercings out of my head but let me leave in my nipple bars! Didn’t make much sense to me, i think she said something about reflecting stray x-rays but that seems dodgey to me just like the few film photographers that argue that keeping film in metal freezers exposes it to more cosmic rays (because the minuscule amount that make it to the earths surface would enter the freezer while open and then reflect off the metalic surfaces until absorbed entirely by the soft surfaces such as film). The amount of incidental stray x-ray energy that would reflect back of a piece of body jewelry would be amazingly insignificant.

    now if we were playing with something more powerful like a gamma knife i might be inclined to avoid the chance of reflection. lol

  7. I recently had a chest x-ray and I would love to see it, never thought about the technicians response to my piercings. I recently had a cat scan on my bran (yes they found one lol) was fun, they wanted all my ear piercings out (11) I refused, way too much hassle getting them in and out) so they relented and let me keep in them in. Bless the NHS.

  8. ^ oops should read brain instead of bran…. maybe that’s why I needed the scan lol

  9. HAHAHA @ Melody

    You’d think in this day and age Dr’s could figure it out. A few of our ER docs are that ignorant. It’s pretty funny.

  10. I had a chest x-ray a couple of months ago -wish i’d been able to keep a copy! I didn’t have to take my nipple bars out -the nurse thought it was funny when he looked at the x-rays n there was nothing to see -no lung probs- except the jewellery!

  11. hey everyone this is “soup” — I changed my name. I also tried posting this earlier but it didn’t work…? anyway I do have scoliosis (OBVIOUSLY) but yeah, I was getting the x-ray for more general health reasons.

    I asked my doctor if I’d need to take out metal (he didn’t know I had my nips at that point though) and he said that’d only be for an MRI. soooo. yeah?

    my xray technician showed me my stomach and then told me I was hungry. hahaha. he was right. so cool.

    and yes, yay hall health, and yay uw!!!

  12. Go go scoliosis! They always turn out to look wicked cool on an xray.. but not wicked cool in real life.. /:

  13. Haha, my school! I’ve never gotten an xray in Hall Health, but I walk by it all the time…

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