36 thoughts on “U Iz Upside Down

  1. It’s lovely and simple–I just hope the wearer knows that a piece like that, with jewelry like that, is really not going to be permanent.

  2. i don’t really like weaving so much. it looks cool in the same sense as play piercings but i don’t get it.

  3. The weaving on it is ok…it’s interesting..but I agree with Bill…it looks cool in the same sense as play piercings but I don’t get it.

  4. It’s interesting, but just doesn’t appeal to me at all. I think it would look better if they weren’t all connected like that.

  5. This reminds me of sewing into my skin… except this was probably a lot more sterile.

  6. Yeah, aesthetically I will reserve judgement .. it is surely interesting though. I wonder what the lifespan of this will be?

  7. I’m really, really not liking it. I think it just looks horrible and messy.

  8. i think at another angle itd look nicer maybe? like i thiiiink shes trying to accentuate the shape of the bone. which in theory is kinda hot.

  9. why all the negative comments? it’s an interesting weave, and although it probably will reject, why state the obvious?

  10. i don’t think we would be telling the wearer anything new.. she probably knows it’s going to reject.

  11. This makes me think of wires and cyborgs… it looks like it should serve perform some crazy futuristic function, like helping her teleport or communicate with outer space or something. But that’s just me.

  12. It was probably meant for just a temporary play thing I’d imagine. It doesn’t really look long enough to be anything more, as far as full arm movement. *shrugs*

  13. I agree with Cat; why all the negative comments? This is really interesting and beautiful, and Im sure the wearer knows its life span and risks.

  14. Noone’s said anything massively derogatory, comments are in place so people can express their opinion on it. Just because they don’t think it’s beautiful doesn’t mean that they’re wrong, nor does it mean you’re wrong it’s just opinion.

    Personally I’m not a fan, I think it’s the length of material on show between the ‘bottom’ piercing and the two others. Interesting idea though, and I think the scars will look good.

  15. There’s way too much pressure on that.
    And, to be honest, I really just don’t see the appeal of this weaving.

  16. On another note, I think that it would be much more interesting if it went UNDER the collar bone, rather than over it. But, I know that it’s much more risky, and understandably not many people are willing to take that risk for a temporary piercing.

  17. i should really explain the ‘yuck’. the aesthetic of it is not good, in fact i find some surface piercings pretty but this just looks like a bunch of nowt

  18. this looks terrible. As for the people who keep insisting that the client knows the risks and possible issues with the project, that’s not necessarily true. I’ve talked to SO many people who have no idea what they are getting in to. Just because you or whoever you go to for work explains any and all possible complications to their customers doesn’t mean that everyone else does.

    There are a lot of terrible “piercers” out there (not saying anything about this piercer; don’t know them, but just saying that there are a TON of really crappy ones out there).

  19. Delanne – It could also be exactly the opposite and an experiment. Until he tells us (in Estonian or otherwise) we might never know.

    As long as he’s happy with the process and experience, that’s all that matters.

  20. I don’t especially like the PTFE/Teflon/whatev that’s in it, but I do really like where the actual piercings are. I think that triangular formation would look amazing with separate surface bars. Besides it’s always good to see someone trying something new and interesting. No piercing is technically permanent anyway, so what if it rejects? If she likes it and knows the risks, it’s nobody else’s business but hers.

  21. im a huge fan of weaving but this just doesn’t do anything for me. it looks like a lets see if i can do this type of thing. weaving should either be complex or complimenting to the body part, this is neither. i give props to the artist if this is her first try with this thing tho.

  22. Ouch, that looks like it’s gonna reject pretty quickly.
    Good luck keeping it!!

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