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  1. Meh, there’s just something about seeing a girl’s ribs that I find to be a complete turn off.

  2. well i think she is rather gorgeous
    i dont think theres anything else that
    can explain her beauty

  3. @#2, i used to be the same way. I guess i just grew out of it. Not that i like to see bones now, i just don’t really mind. Especially on sure a cute girl.

  4. Hating on skinny girls is just as lame as hating on big girls, people are beautiful no matter what, don’t be rude about someone’s weight, big or small.

  5. Well well well, she is tooooo beautiful to take eyes off her and the piercinf has put diamonds to her beauty.

  6. Stephy Wolf: do you think it would be okay for someone to post “there’s just something about seeing a girl’s fat rolls that I find to be a complete turn off” ? I don’t think there’s any need for skinny hate here. We all have different bodies, no need to pass judgement. 🙂

  7. oh fuckkk.
    She’s insanely pretty.

    bisexual and planning on coming to Aus any time soon?

  8. she isn’t all anorexic looking. ribs are kinda hard to hide when you’re body is fit and healthy. and ribs > rolls of fat anyday.

    she makes me think of a younger, prettier version of that woman that sang for The Pretenders. I really like the symetry of her piercings.

  9. She looks healthy to me, her ribs aren’t jutting out, I think it’s the light more than anything. I wouldn’t even says she’s ‘skinny’, in fact she’s got a beautifully shaped figure, it’s just right – and I’m actually really jealous <3

  10. awesome.. soo perfect. I have the same piercings but i’m sure i would never look like her.. ;__;

  11. Sunshine/ bene- I wasn’t hating on skinny people, simply expressing my opinion. It seems all we get on modblog is ultra thin girls like this that just end up looking sickly to me. I want a change dang it!
    I apologize though, no offense was meant, it was 1am here and I don’t believe I thought through my post before hitting the submit button.

  12. Apparently we bigger girls need to start stripping down, sending in, and showing some pride then. ^.^

  13. Roo- So all girls have is faces and bodies? Is that all girls are? Faces and bodies….

  14. what a doll :]

    personally i enjoy the human anatomy. its a wonder what effect can be created merely by sucking the tummy in, or pushing it out. i can create the illusion of anorexic to beer belly in one simple movement haha

    all in all, wonderful picture.

  15. Many chubby girls have visible ribs too: you don’t need to be skinny. The girl on the picture isn’t ultra thin, she has a beautiful body imo.

  16. I was looking for something to say to express my sentiments over how tactless these last two post headers are and Brittany hit it right on the head.

  17. wow i feel on top of the world right now, thank you=]

    i should get credit for this though!


  18. “Meh, there’s just something about seeing a girl’s ribs that I find to be a complete turn off.
    Stephy Wolf on June 19th, 2008 at 12:56 am ”

    Ha – I feel the exact opposite!

  19. i love her EYELIDS. mine are really small and wearing makeup like that is hard… i get serious eyelid-envy.

  20. RooRaaah Crumbs- I’m more so thinking “full figure” not exactly “larger” girls in my statement.
    I’m actually suprised larger and more full figured girls don’t send in photos more often, maybe one will read the comments here and get an idea.

    synchro.idiotic- That’s the beauty of that sort of thing. We’re all different, and I’m personally thankful for that.

  21. Stephy Wolf – I wasn’t quite sure how to put it without “angering” people more, heh.. and I wasn’t just referring to girls, that seems to go for everyone. I do hope so though.

  22. I promise its the lighting.. my ribs dont stick out!

    oh p.s.
    Ward- the picture is verrryy old

  23. ok so shes beautiful!! 🙂

    (and, even though it probably really is a shadow not her ribs, id just like to say that SOME peoples ribcages are i guess just weird and the ribs bow out further than normal and no amount of weight gain could hide them. id know, mine are like that.

    so basically all im trying to say is a “full figured” woman could in fact have ribs that jutted out, it all depends on her skeletal anatomy.)

  24. Stephy Wolf: a lot “full figured” girls are self conscious about her bodies. Even if people keep telling you that you are beautiful and strangers try to hook up with you, so you know without a doubt that lots of people find you more atractive than other, skinnier girls, you can hate your body.
    Sadly people use to be rude about that kind of things on the comments on the Internet. Just look at the comments here http://modblog.bmezine.com/2007/01/19/dog-scar/ if you want an example, and it’s not an isolated case: I remember a photo of a beautiful girl, not skinny but not large either, just… normal, and people kept telling her to do some crunches or eat less.
    Now imagine that a girl hates her body but she builds up the courage to send a picture, its gets modblogged and this happens: 100 people on the comments say nice things and other 2 people say rude things. Sadly those 2 rude comments might weigh a lot more than the 100 nice ones and she might end up feeling very depressed.

  25. I find her beautiful, this coming from a bigger girl.

    To me, it’s rather appalling going through the posts and seeing bickering and insult over body type go on in EVERY entry involving a scantily clad female. Regardless of how she looks there’s always someone in there throwing in “go eat something” or “go do something”. It is a wonder that anyone is comfortable showing off their bodies.

  26. Wowww what a pretty girl. I’d get my nipples pierced if my boobs were like hers! Very gorgeous and I love her septum.

  27. perfect, i want to keep her in the basement. safe from the evil outside world.

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