Game On!

I must admit I’m really only posting this for three reasons.. The first being he reminds me* an awful lot of Matthew Cottle from a British sitcom called Game On (yes?), secondly I think it’s a nice photo and he’s pretty and thirdly I really, really miss the winter!

IAM: AHBroccoli in North Texas (which almost never gets snow, apparently).

* – Although I reference television shows rather a lot I really don’t watch that much, it’s just memories of my misspent youth.

26 thoughts on “Game On!

  1. oh..big bird…not one of my favorites character of sesame street, but that hat made me miss my childhood ^^
    loved the background…white trees

  2. Wooo, 15 seconds of fame! :) Thanks for the post, Roo, and the rosy filter. Kupo!

  3. Well, first you quote The Shamen and now Game On! Ben Chaplin was the best Matthew though, hands down.

  4. haha game on! i remember that show with great fondness :) and yes, he does look a lot like matthew!

    i also love his hat muchly :)

  5. from what i hear the pan handle gets quite a bit of snow…. but the pan handle is always uncool enough to leave out of the whole state. perhaps there’s a silent conspiracy theory that it should really belong to poor old oklahoma so that they can get rid of their plank… if they got rid of their plank, people living on it wouldn’t randomly fall to the fiery depths of hell known as “texas”.

    i doubt it really snows a lot anywhere in texas. the first year i was here, austin had an ice storm and something like 800+ reported wreck on the road. then it snowed last year and *wow* did people go ballistic. 1,500+ wrecks reported over the couple of days the texas hill country shut down. but what do you expect from people that live in a state where it’s almost 100 degrees farenheight (spelling?) for something like 8-10 months out of the year?… 1,500… psht. that was a good year.

    go texans.

    (maybe next time we can aim for 2,500?)

  6. I knew I should have gone to UNT instead of TSU.

    #20- North Texas isn’t necessarily the pan handle. He’s from Denton, which is most definitely not the pan handle at all. North Texas generally refers to around the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

    And it really hardly ever snows here!

  7. I love TX! Elizabeth: Texas is beautiful! AZ is the fiery depths of hell. I can’t wait to leave. Nice lookin’ dude, too.

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