Here Comes the Bride..

.. Six hundred pixels wide!

I’m sure you’ll all join me in congratulating Anna and Lucas who tied the knot at a “Pirate Wedding” on the 20th of June, in Turnhout, Belgium..

Read on for some other romantical shots (photos by Thierry Van Dort) and more..

Awwwwww, how cute. She hasn’t lost a daughter though, she’s gained a son!

Note to Lucas – If you want a long and happy marriage, learn how to link to her IAM name correctly. kthx.

44 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride..

  1. To the point: Can someone on your end please learn how to resize photos? Not only are the images combined over 475KB/.5MB but they’re terribly distorted because of the poor compression job. Not to sound like I’m ragging on anyone, but an entire page of ModBlog could likely be fit into this same amount of data.

  2. Human.v2.0 – I’m not sure I understand, the images on ModBlog have always been resized/cropped and saved for posting in the same manner, with the same level of compression and quality.

  3. Roo, you should resize them to the actual size they will have when published, right now you’re resizing them with html/css, which results in crappy quality and wasted bandwidth.

    Plus, what about bringing back photos to the mail listing of the category? ( just getting the titles of the posts is kind of a bummer

  4. xharekx33 – Oh, I see what you mean now – That’s a WordPress issue.. All images are resized to 600px wide and ***px height, not using CSS or HTML but that’s that actual size they’re saved as.

  5. thanx Roo, that’s definitely an improvement.

    I gotta say your posts were the only thing that kept me reading modblog when shannon left.

    Now bring back pics to the new category listing (and if possible comments number too) like in the old modblog and I will be a happy reader again

  6. Oh my goodness :O Anna is positively STUNNING. Seriously, I’ve had a girl-crush on her ever since I first saw her; I envy her labret like you wouldn’t believe! I wish you both the best, Anna and Lucas 😀

  7. I think modded weddings are more visually appealing than an “average” wedding.

  8. oh and roo? you got any idea for an estimated return of bmeshop? im to lazy to go to a shop and buy my stuff 🙂

  9. Aahaha: ‘Note to Lucas – If you want a long and happy marriage, learn how to link to her IAM name correctly. kthx.’

    Nice photos. 😀

  10. @Lindsey, they work at Pirate Piercing studio. Congrats to the happy and cute couple 😀

  11. Congratulations to a fine looking couple. Here’s wishing you a long and happy life together, to the joy of all who love you.

    Love seeing modded folk in formal clothes – such a wicked-looking combination.

  12. I’m so glad this was posted. I get to shoot two weddings in the beginning of August and this gives me happy thoughts about it.

    They are beautiful.

  13. It would be cool to have a “couples” tag for photos. Couples and babies are the best.

  14. Awwww…gorgeous photos! I will think of these pics everytime an annoying person says to me ‘but what about your wedding day?’ – because of my mods.


  15. I wish I could have me a lovely relationship like that… I guess Im just not lucky and it aint supposed to be
    good luck to the couple!

  16. Mod Blog Looks All Clean And Tidy,As I Type This I Feel As If Im Filling Out An Online Application Form For A Job I Dont Want 😐

    These Guys Look So Chuffed Together,That Makes Me Chuffed 😀

  17. Lucas!!!! Way to go!!! I’m so happy for you!!! I’ll tell Marnix to come give you a hug from next time he’s in the neighborhood. <3 Congratz sweetie ;o)

  18. ohhhh thank you Roo and thanks for all the nice comments ( i don’t know shit about computer stuff so i ignore the technical issues 😉 !

    it was an amazing day and this is a great reminder of how amazing it actually was and on top of that : wooooo my mum made modblog 🙂

  19. Lucas’ ears look awesome, does anybody know where I can get those in 40mm?
    They look great together, I love big lobes.

  20. her dress matches her chest dermal anchor to a tee! at first i was like aww the dress has its own little implants! *grins and sighs*

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