40 thoughts on “Hot Gas.

  1. And this is on modblog because? The close up bellybutton piercing? The awesome detail on the stars on her side? There are other sites for stuff like this.. IMHO

  2. #4 totally wouldn’t be asking that question if they were a Doctor Who fan.

  3. #4, stop being a spoilsport. I don’t care if the stars and belly button are ‘excuses’ to post this picture… she’s fucking hot.

  4. Modblog used to be less fashion and more mod, but hey, it’s where this site is going and part of the reason I’m leaving once I’ve sold my body jewelry. Fuck you all :)

  5. #13 They smell of rubber, some folk are aroused by the sense of enclosure/restriction, and the wearer can be fed poppers through them. Oh, and they’re handy in the event of chemical warfare.

  6. i absolutely love this photo. i wish there was a bong attached to the gasmask though, that would make this picture perfect. anyway i love her hair and i have the exact same body as her, wow. it’s almost creepy.

  7. You know, I honestly agree with #4. Yes this is a nice picture of a beautiful woman. However, does that mean it belongs on a body modification blog? Eh…

  8. khonsu – Read back through the archives and you’ll see that beautiful women and men (bearing in mind it’s in the eye of the beholder) have always been part of ModBlog.

  9. #8 – Are you my mummy? ;)

    I think this totally works on ModBlog. Some folks are so nitpicky – we’ve had plenty of mod-centric entries lately, and very interesting ones too. There ARE mods on this girl and the style’s not exactly mainstream. I like it a lot.

  10. BME Goals:

    7. To never judge one body modification or manipulation activity as more “right” than another and never succumb to public (mainstream or non-mainstream) pressure to draw this line.

    So…let’s stop fucking judging! It’s a cool picture. Shut up and enjoy it or go elsewhere.

  11. I would totally love to sit there and watch her mow my yard in that outfit.
    1) she’s hot and i love the “outfit”.
    2) My yard woudl get mowed.

  12. Great pic, but I was wondering the other night why girls put tape on their nipples in photos. Have they been conditioned by conservative America without realising it? Just a thought.

  13. 4:Strapped: If her hands are bound, then its perfect for a bondage shot. Which has been part of modblog for a long time.

  14. i like it because she looks like she has no arms… i know they’re just behind her back, but still…

  15. she’s tattooed and she’s pierced, she belongs here.

    but saying that so does Captain Morgan Cock The One Eyed Pirate as well.

    So if its tattooed/pierced/scarred/implanted/whatever IT BELONGS HERE.

  16. Voluntary cleft lip as in, not born with one and had it split. Check out stalking cat, same deal.

  17. oh hot as hell. and i love how you can see her wide eyes (okay, eye) thru the mask. a+ would ogle again

  18. Pretty hot but her arms should be showing because it looks like she doesn’t have any.

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