Veggie Leggy Weggies.

These gorgeous tattoos are on the equally gorgeous legs of Miss Clare.

Top of the thigh by Jim Macairt, Good Karma, Brighton (currently working from Into You Tattoo, Brighton).

Sacred carrot by Jason Leigh of Mom’s Tattoos, Dunedin, Florida.

34 thoughts on “Veggie Leggy Weggies.

  1. I especially love the lower top leg. The juxtaposition of bright, bright color and the dark, patterned background is striking!

  2. very great tattoos I love all the swastikas in your tattoos!!! respect;-)



  3. hahaha….Jon, you love the cut of my jib almost as much as I love Scottish beef ;)

    Thanks for all your positive comments :D

  4. mmmmm legs.

    nice set of sticks!

    sacred carrot is just too fucking badass!

    my favorite ink seems to be around her knee, must have better knee pictures.

  5. i am so jealous of these. its such a shame i will never have pretty artworked legs!

  6. i am SO jealous of these! (tattoos and legs!) its such a shame i will never have pretty artworked legs!

  7. Yes, yes, I know that there are those who wish to reclaim the original intent of the swastika, but I just have a hard time getting over seeing the yellow star of Davids on the same leg as a swastika representation. Mebbe cause it’s been beaten into me since I was a kid, who knows?

  8. Star of Davids? Those are Ganesh Yantras, which are Hindu.
    I don’t see how you can reclaim something that didn’t belong to anyone in the first place.

  9. Those are some very beautiful colours. I can imagine how sweet it would be to wake up with those next to me.

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