Step one – Roll on the floor. Step two – Laugh your arse off.

It’s easy once you know how!

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58 thoughts on “ROTFLMAO!

  1. FIRST

    this one will sure be interesting in a few years, when the whole internet thing won’t be fashion anymore, and when everybody will get back to pen and paper.

  2. it’s well done…
    but I do agree with Melf.

    then again,
    it’s his tattoo – and I’m sure he loves it very much.

    I joked about getting “EdgarPoe” tattooed across my knuckles :)

  3. Possibly the cutest guy I have ever seen.
    However, seeing as I’ve always thought it was ROFL (roll on floor laughing) this tattoo doesnt make much sense to me.
    Good quality though, I hope it stands the test of time…

  4. I think it’s funny. He may have gotten it with the intent to annoy people though. Which makes it even more funny to me anyhow.

  5. The tattoo itself is silly, and he’s really attractive, but that makes me feel like a pedophile.

  6. I know you need 8 letters for that sort of tattoo, but the “t” is so out of place it isnt funny.

  7. Oh Dear

    meh – you are right sir, he should have had E P I C F A I L on his fingers, or F A I L L O R D. Obviously trying to do ‘geek’ but ending up looking clueless. Oh dear, shame really cos his metal in his face is very cool.

    Todays lesson, dont blindly follow trends (in this case geek tattoos) because you may get it wrong in a horrid way??

  8. ^
    it’s like, when someone says something funny and you go lol, and then something else to LOL
    then you go on to the HAHAHAHA becuase you’ve gone beyond the point of actually laughing and trying to spell a sentence using only the first words longer than ROTFLMAO

  9. (sigh) Agree with Melf and humdrum. Epic fail. Normally I just pass off idiotic tattoos as “if that’s what they like, fine, it’s not my thing but whatever…” but this achieves a new level of fail.

  10. 17, that’s when you go to ROTFLMFAOOMFG ;)
    In response especially to 18… hey Roo what happened to the “If you’re trying to say the meanest thing about someone’s tattoo just don’t say anything” disclaimer?? Looks like we need it back.
    Not liking the tattoo is fine but is puling the “epic fail” and “idiotic tattoo” card really needed? Come on now.

    I enjoy the placement of the bme logo in this one :)

  11. hate to be a hater, but the unwashed masses are right- it’s ROFL, not ROTF (for further evidence see google roflcopter)

  12. A new level of fail?! Both ways are perfectly legitimate!

    ROTFLMAO is (in my experience) more commonly used in England and Australia, but the point is they are both valid and he has eight fingers.

  13. im sorry… am i the only nerd who is tickled pink to see this one?
    i <3 it…

  14. Oh my, am I the only one to think that’s a crazy place to get your first tattoo? Maybe it’s just the old lady in me coming out.

  15. Humdrum, my first thought was the Epic Fail …..

    I’m so tempted to get that done.

  16. ickynichola:
    nope, i absolutely love this!! i actually wasn’t expecting to scroll down to all this hate..
    btw me and my friends do use rotflmao
    it’s always made more sense to us, don’t assume that because you do it diffrently that everyone else is wrong.
    just sayin.

  17. i completely agree with 20.
    dont like it? dont comment.
    i personally love this. i can
    only imagine the comments he
    gets after a formal handshake.
    beautiful boy as well (:

  18. HAHA, ROTFLMAO is pretty funny, but maybe a better one for this guy would have been “punchmeinmyfuckingthroat”

  19. “Not liking the tattoo is fine but is puling the “epic fail” and “idiotic tattoo” card really needed? ”

    It’s nor more “needed” than turning every thread into an mindless love fest for any and every mod anyone has ever made. If people are allowed to speak their minds equally and freely doesn’t that include people who think that this particular tattoo is pretty ridiculous?

    “dont like it? dont comment.” As usual, group-think prevails. If your comments don’t jibe with the un-written laws of “acceptance” you’re not supposed to say anything at all, right? Isn’t the defacto rejection of anyone with a non-conforming point of view the definition of intolerance?

  20. I like rotflmao, even though I personally just use roflmao, but I still love it, b/c as soon as you see it, you understand it. Even if you don’t personally pu the T in it, you still understand/get it.

  21. i think in response to the above comment
    sure people have the right to say their opinion whether if it’s negative
    but it’s only polite to either word it nicely or try to view another perspective on it
    in this case, i mean, if i was to have my first tattoo, and say this picture was myself
    i’d probably be psyched i was on modblog displaying my first tattoo
    and would feel pretty shitty if i read it to find reams of comments of people saying basically they think it’s shit

  22. pretty retarded to say “don’t comment if you don’t like it”….about as retarded as the tattoo….

    I can’t wait till I’m cool enough to tattoo my fingers(probably never)…..I’m gonna get FISH TACO

  23. Can the tags just go back to being in a corner somewhere? I understand you have been wanting to get creative, but they have been in the way of too many pictures. In this specific case… I wouldn’t want it to look like I had a BMEZINE tattoo… though I can’t speak for him. It’s just kind of annoying. Let the person show their art and not be an ad for BME.

  24. I mentioned the Epic Fail not in relation to my opinion on this tattoo, even though i use ROFL myself. But i would love Epic Fail on my hands. Especially to deliver the “fail punch” to unsuspecting friends.

    On a different note, despite the angle that he’s at, i bet he’s got good muscular definition on his stomach.

  25. “i’d probably be psyched i was on modblog displaying my first tattoo
    and would feel pretty shitty if i read it to find … people saying basically they think it’s shit”

    Sorry but welcome to the internet. If a person doesn’t want to take the bad with the good they should think twice before spreading pics of their new tats (or anything else) around the internet. Once it’s public domain it’s public domain. I’m sure the guy is really nice and everything but I’m not going to censor myself (as much as the “we’re a community of acceptance” people would want me to, despite the stark irony of their position that for this to be a community of acceptance some people’s opinions shouldn’t be allowed) to save his feelings.

    Furthermore, putting issues of public domain and comment completely aside, if you do something that is obviously intended to draw attention then don’t bitch and moan when you get the attention you’re obviously seeking just because it’s not the kind you wanted. If you get a tattoo on your knuckles, hands, arms, neck, face etc., basically anywhere where people will easily be able to see it, you’ve forfeited your right to be pissy when people react to it. A sentiment commonly expressed as: If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

  26. k – right on. Welcome to the Internet, those suffering from high blood pressure, nervousness or lack of lulz please log off now.

    Your prize is many internets.

  27. I love geek tattoo’s however I think he should of gotten ROFLMFAO instead.

    I had to ask my geek and he did say it’s rofl not rotf .. however to each their own rawk on I say.

  28. wow, this is the most ridiculous thread ever. I hate my culture’s excessive abbreviations.

  29. i haven’t used that for a while, but yeah, i remember using rotflmao… but anyways, as long as you get the message, it works so whatever. funny. and roo, he somehow reminds me of you. and bmezine tags are cool… “coolfonted” ;) hahahaha

  30. considering there IS a THE in the phrase, it is perfectly grammatically correct to abbreviate to ROTF-LMAO?! whats wrong with you people… I mean freedom of speech, sure, you don’t have to like it, but to pick at something like that is just petty. Personally I would have maybe gone for something like OMFG ROFL, but I’m sure he is happy with his choice…

  31. uck, im a teenager whose friends used these abbreviations. their stupid. and to think someone got them tattooed saddens me =(

  32. Hes actually really hot. Too bad I’m really not a fan of the internet slang tattoos. =\

  33. “to each man his own.” dude, i love my body. im not gonna put “hold fast” or koi on my body. 1st, i dunno what “hold fast” means. 2nd, most people who now have koi have never and WILL never see japan, the place from which that style of ink originated. i dont use those abbreviations in my writing but “rotflmao” is pretty american! its origional. thats it. im also gonna get a rubiks cube and rock/paper/scissors. so when you see it, hate on it!! im messin dude.. :] i love you guys!

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