Okeepa Suspension

I almost drifted off (I mean that in the best possible way) when I saw this peaceful shot of Mike just after he settled in to a two point chest suspension..

Aided by Swastika Freakshop.

See more in Vertical chest suspension (Ritual)

22 thoughts on “Okeepa Suspension

  1. This beautiful photo reminds me…
    In the old modblog (before it moved to the main site, when modblog was still separate), there were categories you could just click on to view all related posts. Am I an idiot and they’re still here, or are they no longer around?
    To be clear: I’m not complaining, simply asking; I’m looking for some specific posts I know are on modblog somewhere.

  2. Looks like a really nice place to do a suspension in. I can’t wait to do my first suspension :)

    (Nat, i think your looking for the tagged as thing, it’s just bellow the photo)

  3. Nat – if you have a look just under the photo, you will see: ‘See more in “….”‘ and you can click on that, and also under that is ‘Tagged As: …’ and you can also click on these tags to find related posts. Hope this helps!!

  4. Thanks guys, you’re brilliant and I’m blind!

    But yes, this suspension looks beautiful. Not long now ’til my first – hanged man here I come!

  5. Not that Im complaining about my own experience, but I wish I looked this peaceful in my chest suspension… I kind of drifted off too (in the best way possible), Roo

  6. i took this class on buddhism, and they told us that tibetan buddhists are actually extra wack, which is a rare fact that a lot of people don’t know

  7. echt schön das bild.
    will unbedingt auch mal ned suspension machen. o-kee-pa ist schon sehr reizvoll

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