Super German

Here’s another shot from the day of suspensions that Swastika Freakshop organised recently..

Click here for the Okeepa suspension in case you missed it!

See more in “Superman” Suspension (Ritual)

16 thoughts on “Super German

  1. Ahhhh, save me SuperGerman! :) He looks so happy, ahah :) wonder where we could get some red undies, a cape, and a wind machine…?

  2. that reminds me of “painting drunken people”. I found myself several times looking like that after falling asleep on a party too early. sweet photo.

  3. #3 Iam aware, he is german, useing that symbol, I hate all it stands for. What does one expect, If I put on a white hood and costume and parade though a black neighborhood, go easy on me, Im just dressing as a ghost.

  4. i hate ignorant people…the swastika is an asian symbol that has been rotated and has a bad reputation due to the moronic nazis…. read the wikipedia link supplied thr in post number three…

    other than that sweet pic! he does look happy! i could never suspend myself, im too big of a wimp

  5. Battle, just because he is a German does not mean that he is automatically a Nazi. This is like saying that all Asians are computer programmers or all Blacks are drug dealers and thieves. The swastika was by no means invented by the Nazis; all the Nazis did was use it as their symbol and therefore taint its meaning. The symbol is deeply rooted in history.

    That aside, I really like this picture :)

  6. Battle: These people are trying to reclaim the swastika and make it what it used to be, not a Nazi symbol. You have to look at it in the context it is presented. There is a big difference between dressing as a Klan member, and having a swastika tattooed on you. Plus, I’m pretty damn sure Modblog wouldn’t post pictures celebrating Nazi’s.

    Anyway, that being said, I’m diggin this photo.

  7. Battle : you are one funny dude… I’m actually a friend of Mike (the person in the picture) and well what shall I say. you suck ;-) you want to know why? well you can say such things without any reason why shouldn’t I.
    Damn this is too stupid ^^

  8. oooh no. somebody said its a nazi symbol! i’m really tired the whole swastika thing. probably everyone on bme already knows thats its NOT A FUCKING NAZI sign. why does everyone bother making so many trouble for a sign?? is it your life depending on it? no,, maybe the guys from swastika freakshop because they make money out of it, but for me its only a big commercial stunt. im tired of random people posting ‘oh no its a nazi symbol’ and then the o so predictible reaction of everyone on this site. so what if they dont agree with you. you know its not a nazi sign and everyone i know who visits iam modblog and bme is soooo tired of this ‘campaign’. must admit its kind of smart to dedicate your whole life to something that most people didn’ t knew yet. but please the point is made. yes this is TOO STUPID. get over it! its not that big a deal! shouldn’t you follow some more usefull trends? like veganism or so. (NOTHING against vegans im one myself for 14years). and people are tired of it. i realise this post probaly also seems stupid and rude and that my english sucks but i had to get this out of my (and other people i know)’s system.

  9. Wow, hivemind much? I think only one person telling the douche what for was sufficient. Stop beating the horse, it’s dead. The swastika = good, we get it.

  10. #13 Evaaa – spot farking on.

    Almost as bad as when someone says “im going to gauge my ears up” and every dumb arse self riotous person feels they have to have their say on it being STRETCHING NOT GAUGING….

    Something people arnt worth the argument, especially on the internet ;)

  11. 卍 Mahasiddha basically means “Superman”

    Buddha’s name Siddhārtha – “He who accomplishes his goal”
    The Swastika is the symbol of the Siddha. The symbol of Buddha.
    Siddhi – accomplishment (Miracle Power);
    Siddha – accomplished one
    Maha – Great
    Tummopa – people who practice Tummo
    Lunggompa – people who have mastered psychic energy, can make themselves light enough to walk across water, fly thru the air, and to be the Temple Mailman, delivering info from one temple to another temple in less than a day over a distance of a 1,000 miles. They bound like Kangaroo across the horizon.

    All of which are of the Six Yogas of Naropa:

    The term ‘Swastika’ is a fusion of the two Sanskrit words ‘Su’ (good) and ‘Asati’ (to exist), which when combined means ‘May Good Prevail’. Historians say the Swastika could have represented a real structure and that in ancient times forts were built for defense reasons in a shape closely resembling the Swastika. For its protective power this shape began to be sanctified.

    It is often depicted on the chests of the statues of Buddhas as a symbol of the teaching of Buddhism. It also treated in respect similar to a cross in that it is the power of the Buddha that protects from all evil.

    Get your Buddhist Blessing on with a Swastika Good Luck Necklace from

    Me wearing my Buddhist Swastika

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