43 thoughts on “And I was a Gulliver,

  1. I am pretty sure they are stick insects but could be wrong an I think this is possibly one of THE most beaautiful picture I have ever seen so serene an she is Beautiful.

  2. She is stunning.
    Her skin is so beautiful and I love that her piercings are so feminine and pretty-they really compliment/suit her.

  3. They’re mantises, these were two of the brown ones. 🙂 We chilled them first for a little bit so they’d be less active, but they still managed to crawl up my nose >.<

  4. I love the serenity of these pictures, and that you chose to use insects as a prop. Mantises are actually very gentle creatures, as so photographically interesting, so great choice!

  5. I love the first picture. Unfortunately, I have the worst time finding mantis. They are my favorite bug and i have only seen one in the past 10 years. AWFUL 🙁

  6. i kno the bugs are fake but is the ellephant fake also? i herd about miniture ellephants like that from my dad he works at a zoo. that one looks very real too me.i wonder witch one would win in a fight.the mantis or the ellephant. lol.

  7. Cam you cant even see my legs here haha i love you. The mantises are real the elephant is fake >.< they don’t come that itty bitty, not that i know of

  8. i dont like the look of those. they look like they eat people! do they eat people? if so, they must be removed from the lovely face ASAP!

  9. They’re praying mantis, they’re very gentle little creatures, very good for the garden and won’t hurt you at all 🙂 She is gorgeous and they are gorgeous little bugs, so they go well together.

  10. Nice mods!! I love mantids, they are the neatest insects. I have some out in the garden. The little elephant is cute, too.

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