15 thoughts on “A tramp stamp of a tramp stamp on a tramp..

  1. Ooh Badly done Tattoo >_<
    What’s up with the colours? they look they’ve been half wiped off?

  2. Ok, I see that it’s not crisp and symmetric and such, but was that actually the intent? In terms of a simplistic almost cere-like shape and line symmetry how has it not well executed*?

    *my exception is the rose…it looks like that thing might be a lovely blob in a decade or two.

  3. yeah this tattoo was done on my friend aaron he has since turned into a super douche and dissapeared. and yes he totally got this to try and be cool and fit in with every body at the shop. chomp on that shit

  4. Hope this guy enjoys being a tramp FOREVER, because if he ever decides to change his ways, it’ll be a little difficult to convince anyone without a major cover-up…

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