Liberty’s Teeth

Ha ha, he’s alright, folks! Anarkhos up there was just engaging in some harmless gunplay—nothing about which to worry! Look, he’s even taking the proper precautions and covering his ears, so as not to damage his precious hearing. The brains, sure, an unfortunate bit of collateral damage, but hey, he seems pretty happy, right? (Just say yes—he’s got a gun!)

(Tattoos by Rodney at Smitty’s Place in Bremerton, Washington.)

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Boys and their toys..

If the hair on the first guy strikes a chord with you, that’s because it’s Anarkhos and he’s been featured before (albeit slightly less horizontal on that occasion), and before!

And if the animals grazing on the next chap ring a bell it’s because they’re wallabies. Which are not toys, especially not for children as they’ve been known to contain small parts and may pose a choking risk..

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Great Balls Of… FIRE!

Chase and his friend Casey enjoy a quiet game of snooker… You may notice this isn’t hosted on YouTube. For the few prudes who read ModBlog, don’t watch.

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It’s potluck whether he’ll be able to have children after that!