Swirls Update

Remember this skin removal by Steve Truitt? Here’s how it’s healing so far! (about two and a half months later by my reckoning)

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20 thoughts on “Swirls Update

  1. I still love this piece. Was it every discovered why the two swirls connect (or don’t) differently in the center?

  2. Kay~ On the left side the scar is one continuous swirl and on the right it is the non-scarrred skin. This piece is so beautiful!

  3. Do these things not itch like CRAZY? Just honestly curious, I know if I get deep cuts for any reason, the healing phase drives me nuts with the endless itching.

    Looks cool though. It’s hard to tell (for me) but is there hair growing in them? Or that’s just hair from the outside overlapping it? I’d think hair wouldn’t grow in it…

  4. akibare, hair might grow in some spots, i have 15 brands and some hair has grown here and there, very little however.

  5. akibare- itching is apart of the natural healing proccess.

    Like I said before to a recent back scarification, I could never do this. My back is too sensitive to even a hot shower, but I love the piece.

  6. crazy awesome! i know that a lot of times the end goal is to have really puffy, well defined keloids on scarification, but i like how this looks kind of striped with puffy and flat scar tissue. really really cool.

  7. The itch is beyond brutal. If I began sweating I would generally begin itching and that would usually send me into some kind of convulsion making everybody around me think I was insane. If anybody considers a large scarification piece, I always tell them that getting it is nothing, but healing it is the worst thing ever.

  8. I think its amazing how the body heals… I find it odd how the texture is so rugged looking. It looks really cool, but its strange how the body doesnt heal uniformally to an “injury” that was more or less uniform… I.e. i’m assuming the skin was removed to maybe the middle of the dermis or the top of the subcutaneous layer.

    It looks awesome, and i agree with the itching comments, it would drive me nuts not being able to scratch it lol….i thougt i would die when i got my tramp stamp tattoo of a scarab over the three pyramids!

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