27 thoughts on “Darlene Tattooed Me!

  1. I live a few blocks away from there, Also I think some college students right near by where I attend took some footage and told me that they were doing a sleeve, I think it may be the same one. I have to check the tapes.

  2. Heh. Is it bad that I’m more amused by the reflection in the mirror? Tattoo looks good, can’t wait to see it finished. (:

  3. Great work!!! That is one awesome piece. I can’t wait to see it all finished.

    FRPT is an awesome place. My good friend and myself both got our tattoos together there. Andrew (who I believe is making that weird/funny face in the second photo) did our tattoos. I have a TMNT (any fan will know what that means 😉 ) on my outer left calf. Leonardo to be exact 🙂 hehe. I love it. Such awesome work. He is one incredible artist let me tell you. I don’t mean to boast but that’s just how I feel haha. I will definetily be going back there to get more ink BELIEVE me haha.

  4. i don’t know if that is a mirror, but a doorway, notice the door hangy beads?

    i love this, such an amazing idea.

    i always see things and i think, why didn’t i think of that first?!?

  5. This is one of the nicest wing sleeve designs I’ve seen. Although I love how it comes down the arms, I reckon the end product would look kinda weird in a skinny wing way. Then again, nice break from too many back wing pieces. (Though I’m still thinking about getting one… =P)

    I know, I is a talking contradiction.

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