Still Connected

Remember this post back in March? Here’s a few more from the set (they were for a friend‘s school project) that I thought were worth showing you, for real!

My girlfriend Anais and I.

As mentioned in March post, piercing by John Blow in Brussels, Belgium, photo by Jefta.

See more in Body Surface Piercing: Body (Surface & Unusual Piercing)

14 thoughts on “Still Connected

  1. I love these pic’s, I love having pierced these and I love the fact that they really are still ‘connected’ and still together!

  2. hahaha Jake, I have no idea why, but reading your comment made me burst out laughing…
    this picture is BEAUTIFUL :D

  3. thats retarded…its cool to love someone, but thats a bit extreme

    get a job and stop milking your welfare….hahaha “art”

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