Wash Behind Your Ear!

So, I’m guessing she just ignores the other one..

Which reminds me, sorta.

By Chris Howton, Cynical Tattoos,, Northport, AL.

(Oh and in the words of Johnny Vegas, Attention Scum – News News News!)

9 thoughts on “Wash Behind Your Ear!

  1. hahaha. i absolutely love this tat. especially because the thing my granny said after i got my tat behind the ear was “you gotta wash yourself behind the ear.” haha.

  2. Hey this is actually my friend Zach. So a he not a she. My boyfriend, Chris, did it for him. This pic is only half way finished. I think he posted some finished pics on BME also. He said thanks for all the compliments!

  3. No prob, Roo! His mom always told him to wash behind his ears. She passed away a few years ago so it’s kind of a tribute to her.

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