43 thoughts on ““No more office jobs for me!”

  1. awesome pic … I love that line on her chin … it is the focal point for me … very intense

  2. i know some people aren’t fans of simple modification but i think they stand out, look so ‘clean’ and fair well over time. previously a picture was posted with 3(?) horizontal scarification lines on the tragus or maybe a big in front of it. that really stands out in my mind, also with a simple foot branding involving lines. and yet again three horizontal lines tattooed running across the helix area of the ear.

    in conclusion, im glad to see something that involves a different number other then three, such a clean beauuutiful face tattoo and..


    ps. shes a stunna!

  3. one thing bugs me about this: her medusa jewellery really doesn’t look right against her other jewellery.

  4. Its lovely but it won’t keep you out of most office jobs (provided you are otherwise qualified for them) – it is downright tame compared to the visible mods sported by many office managers I have seen. Lets try not to reinforce that silly prejudice with such entry titles, please.

  5. The Lizardman – Being in an office environment myself most of the week it was meant to be ironic (mostly on my part but I’m also assuming on Anna’s part too).

    I’m in a very fortunate position though

  6. The office job thing: a joke, as simple as the tattoo.Based on when people tell me that i can never get a normal job again with “all that” and i think how damn lucky i am. And “weeeeeeee i made modblog again” 🙂 Thanks,Roo! And thanks to Luce the duke cause tattooing my face was exciting for both of us.

  7. I get it – I am just feeling a bit curmugdeonly.

    Seriously though, there is something to be said for not bashing ourselves in this manner. How can we expect others to drop the fucked for life and jobstopper BS if we do it ourselves.

  8. i tell u what bme has gotten very hipocritical about things
    like the whole hes a peircer apprenlty

    and the 1 witht he FFLFT tattooed faces

    they say if uv got nothing nice 2 say dont say anything at all

    and their the FUCKERS bitching about their own members on the site

    i mean bme is great but not when the ppl who run it are bitchin about ppl who run it i mean god

  9. I think a lot of people on here have sticks up their butt….
    … the title is surrounded by quotation marks. Therefore, it’s meant as a joke and I read it like that right away. We’re not labelling each other Lizardman and we’re certainly not being hypocrites Dean – if anything we’re laughing at those outside of the “community” (doesn’t seem so much of a community with all the complaining and snubbing!!) who say such things.

    Bottom line,
    take shit with a grain of salt! Growing up modded should have taught all of you this by now!!

    PS, I love the simplicity of her chin. I have three (sorry Katy!) self-done branded lines on my foot representing my mind, body, and soul and it’s by far one of my favorite modifications I have – even over some of my studio-done tattoos!

  10. I love the chin tattoo as well as her labret….but it’s that little bee on her neck that really has my heart!

  11. And just to fully play the old man card, I was making jokes about how I couldn’t get a straight job because of my mods before most of you were getting your first underage mods. Years before IAM existed!!!

    Now get out of my yard, you damn kids 🙂

    All in fun.

  12. I’m no spring chicken myself. I have a nose piercing older than a lot of the kids (22yrs).
    Yay for old farts!

  13. big gratz for being modblogged … again … q:
    the tattoo looks very natural. as I’ve seen irl.
    it’s really not that much of a change… just a little bit better (;
    I’ll see you soon for the industrials (;

  14. Wow!

    Like some here already have mentioned, simplicity can sometimes be absolutely fabulous! I like it really much, parred with the stretched/scalpelled labret. She’s looking so adorable!

  15. I have to say I agree with the Lizardman about the ‘fucked for life’ attitude, even as a joke, I don’t know, it just seems insulting to modded people (such as myself!) who work hard, and are good at what they do, but have to go that extra mile to prove our worth against ‘normal people’ to get jobs in an office environment…… just makes it that little bit harder when you also have people inside your so-called community perpetuating stereotypes.

    But on the topic of the mod, I really like this, actually… and normally I’m not a fan of facial tattoos but it seems to suit her piercings 🙂

  16. people, please! Do we really have to be that dead serious about life/bodmod? Of course it sucks that people with obvious mods have a hard time to be accepted in “tie&suit-jobs” but are we going to change this by being terribly upset about a simple joke that most people in a modified community (bmezine) probably understand because they we’re confronted with these kind of statements already? I am just trying to take this with a bit of humour and now people say that i am “perpetuating stereotypes”?! Just go out there and show the world that you are a polite person (that’s what suprises “normal people” when they start talking to me!), that you are skilled and educated ect. ect. , don’t be all pissy about a simple joke! Or is this me wearing a bra at a bra burning party? 😉

  17. Amazing! I was actually thinking about how good something like this would look on a person the other day. And it looks wonderful 🙂

  18. I live in San Antonio and Lizardman is the hero of all local lizards. I wouldn’t mind pitching a tent in his yard, either.
    Roo, you are positively a young thang.

  19. I love her stick and poke neck tattoo! I wonder how many times her husband had to go over it to get it so uniform…THAT musta hurt. The “homemade” effect really adds to the sentimentality, I think, since the design was carefully composed one needle poke at a time by a loving hand.

  20. yeah dude as soon as i get out of college i’m going for the face, but right now, i need these lo paying jobs where my face and costumer service are stapled to my employment.


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