Fuel Girls or why I love my job.

Lately I’ve been waking up, wiping the sleep from my eyes and sitting down at my computer for another 14 hour day in front of the Internet. The one main benefit is that I never know when I’m going to get a lovely surprise, like naked photos of heavily tattooed women who in my mind, are just waiting for the go ahead before they make their way to my place. When I first got this email, I completely skipped the text and went straight for the photos.

While I’ve never heard of The Fuel Girls, I certainly didn’t have a problem with them sending me their photos.

Fuel Girls

I remember the days when the only fire breathing, milk bathing, scantily clad and heavily tattooed woman making waves was Masuimi Max. These days it seems like anyone can take off their clothes, breathe a little fire and shake their ass next to a heavy metal band and top it off with their own TV show. At least they look good doing it. The Fuel Girls will be touring with Motörhead so check the tour dates to see them live!


New Series Will Ignite Playboy TV with Hot Girls and High-Octane Stunts

DATE – Playboy TV announced today the programming is getting even hotter with the premier of the new series Fuel Girls. The new series captures the wild action from the Fuel Girls worldwide tour that mixes the most volatile combination of guys’ favourite gas-powered toys with heavy metal music and some of the hottest, sexiest girls in the world.

The Fuel Girls are a kick ass, ultra-sexy, fire breathing, rock and roll dance and stunt troupe famous for their sex appeal, bad behaviour and love of all things motorised. They perform all over the world with a passion for FMX shows, rock festivals, motor shows, rallies and wild parties.

“Fuel Girls has everything to keep guys wanting more – fire-spitting, motorbikes, masses of sex appeal and some of the hottest women in the world,” said Richard Gale, Marketing Director, Playboy TV. “We are always looking to excite our viewers with the sexiest programming available and once we saw what the Fuel Girls can do on tour, and knew our viewers would want to take part in all of the action.”

“This season of Fuel Girls on Playboy TV will include some of the most exciting stops from their last worldwide adventure including the infamous Gumball Rally where they travel through Hollywood in “KITT” with David Hasslehoff from the television show “Night Rider” and a visit to the Hellfest rock festival complete with an onstage appearance with heavy metal band, Motorhead.”

The series covers the Fuel Girls worldwide tour that has taken them everywhere imaginable, from glamorous nightclubs in the South of France, to rock festivals across Europe, car shows in Puerto Rico and fire shows in LasVegas. Playboy TV viewers can now see all of the Fuel Girls’ wild adventures backstage, in their hotel rooms and behind the scenes at their sexy photo shoots.

Fuel Girls airs on Playboy TV every Friday in October and every Sunday in November – Fuel Girls at 10:30 pm and Fuel Girls Uncut at 11:00 pm. Available on Sky 900 and Virgin 475.

For more information visit PlayboyTV

89 thoughts on “Fuel Girls or why I love my job.

  1. i wish i could spend 14 hours at a computer for my job…

    …yeah the girls would help 😛

  2. Ok, so I realize they’re all sorts of hot, but I think the show would be more interesting if they were actually driving the race cars, motorcycles, or ATVs. Better yet, have them in their skimpy outfits working on engines and knowing what they’re talking about. Any gearhead guy I know would love that more than just the gilr swatching or performing alongside the show the guys are really there to see.

    But then, I am a girl, even if I do appreciate women’s bodies, I don’t get distracted by them easily.

  3. Well Hell, now I’ll be covering all of my mirrors today =(
    J/K, they’re beautiful and I like the pic a lot. Especially the boobie eyepatch 😉

  4. erm. Am I the only one that finds this completely unattractive??

    and really, why pour milk all over your self? I mean, unless you have an animal lactation fetish, I don’t get it.

    But then again, I’ve never understood motor vehicle races either. Using extremely high grade gas to drive around on a course, pollute the air, and they’re boring to watch.

  5. The left girl blows my mind. i’ve never seen a girl like this in real life and i doubt i ever will.

  6. Whilst they are extremely attractive, they’re just a variation of the blondes.

    Stand there, look sexy, pour something over yourself.

  7. Hah, I don’t think I implied there was anything of more substance than hot tattooed partially clothed ladies shakin’ their asses at motocross events and concerts!

  8. these girls are coming to a club near me this week, am i tempted to go see them? no, because not wearing many clothes and breathing fire is neither hard nor that entertaining, for fucks sake I can breathe fire in a thong….
    mind you i don’t see anyone paying for me to do that…
    so these girls clearly must do something right.

  9. I like pretty girls who figure out a way to get paid a shit load of money to stand there and look pretty. Mind you, I respect the ones that can actually DO things as well, and are good people.
    Anyway, hot. I like the one on the left. <3

  10. I find it somewhat amusing that the first and generally only negative comments about these women are coming from other females.

    Jealous much?

  11. Their talent is inversely proportionate to their hotness – or at least the talent they are showing. I remember when fire performers actually showed some talent for fire manipulation whether they had great T&A or not – these girls stand firmly on the grave of truly talented female fire manipulators who used not only their feminity but also the flame to entertain.

    Normally, I would love to go see Motorhead – with this in tow, not so much.

  12. they look like the pussycat dolls have been playing with some transfers.
    i hate the pussycat dolls with firey passions.
    however, i dig the shoes.

  13. Man, my friend and I are thinking about learning some interesting/entertaining feats to preform and travel around the country doing. We were planning on starting an avant garde punk band, which would include myself doing various sideshow style things, such breathing fire, and swallowing swords. But I wasn’t gonna dress all skanky-like. Not that much anyway, since we are planning on the whole entire thing having a steam punk feel to it. But man… stuff like this disappoints me. People would rather have T&A than an actual good show.

  14. First off, they are fucking smoking hot. The one on the left…Holy fuck…

    Oh and, cardboardfrog, if you looked like that people might pay you. 😉

  15. I normally do not complain about posts on here. So with that I will applaud the ladies for being very very attractive, however I was really embarrassed to watch the video and see the fire bits.
    I found other stuff online about them and still….

    It makes me sad when I see people being labeled as bad ass fire performers only because they are tattooed hot little candles standing there for all to gawk at.
    I spent a number of years practicing with fire before I ever put it out there for show.

  16. wow..that one on the right..fuck that all of them..are just absolutely gorgeous

  17. The pirate eyepatch pastie is fucking hilarious. The only problem is, I don’t think it’s supposed to be….

  18. i know we at bme are supposed to be supportive of everyone’s beauty but… the last place i want to see airbrushed impossibly hot pinups is here. please modblog.

  19. This is more imagery of very thin females that I am sick of. All of those women look underweight.. why cant normal weight be the hottest thing around? So sick of skinny…..

  20. dear partially anonymous,

    Not jealousy. Disappointment. Women who do things and excel at them are often disappointed when women who “stand still and look pretty” (i.e., behave as object instead of subject) are applauded.

    Love, and best wishes,


  21. Oh wait for it. I’d hit it… with my car.

    They better be awesome or at least do something a bit more extreme then the usual or I’ll be terribly disappointed.

  22. To be honest, the tattoos barely register in my mind at all when I look at the photo. The girls still look incredibly boring and a little generic even, much like the women I see in magazines or on t.v.

    But I do like their shoes…. And those pants.

  23. The girls are gorgeous!
    I think a lot of people are missing the point of this show, it’s on playboy tv so therefore the content doesn’t really matter.
    The girls are there to be oogled at because thats what people watching playboy tv want to do.
    I’m sure the people who want to see tattooed women with awesome skills would go to a proper show where the women were suspending skewering and lots more, but actually doing it.
    Good on these girls for making some money out of playboy.

  24. They’re travelling coyote ugly girls. Minus the bartending. And bartending is a real job, so I kinda prefer the real coyotes…

    these are, admittedly, hot, but nothing more.

  25. lexi – they aren’t underweight! they’re probably at a very healthy weight.

    since when did overweight = healthy???

  26. I’m torn between ‘goddamn these girls are hot’ and dissapointment.

    I don’t think there sanything wrong with this per se but it IS just a variation of a blonde stick thin girl getting her tits out for some cash.

    I just think modblog is the wrong place for it to be posted..

  27. I didn’t even watch the video and see how lame this apparently is. I’m just stoked on the beautiful tattoos on the outer two. Not such a fan of the middle one, but the shading on the girl on the left is just gorgeous. Love it!

  28. so modblog is about rock of love tramps now?

    believe me, i love women, and they are beautiful, but they act like animals. it’s degrading and unattractive, in my opinion.

  29. it’s not really jealousy when a woman isn’t impressed with another woman standing in her knickers. 0_o

    if they looked like that AND were the ones racing the cars and riding the bikes, then nothing could be said about their talent and their appearance – they would be superwomen.


  30. I should’ve just looked at the photo and the video and not the predictable, catty, jealous, boring, lame comments. Blah blah too thin blah objectification blah anyone can do that blah. Get off your ass and go do it, then, if you think you can do it better. EVERYTHING has been done. You complained when only normal girls had shows like this. You wanted alt girls. Then we got alt girls, but you wanted tattooed sexy alt girls. Then we had Suicide Girls and you complained that they were only eye candy. Now we have tattooed sexy alt girls that breathe fire and dance and now you’re still complaining that they aren’t alt enough or extreme enough. You will never, ever, EVER be happy with anything anyone does and you should either go put into the world what you so desperately want to see, or shut the fuck up already. What a bunch of bitter, catty, angry people. Everything is wasted on you.

  31. Manzin,
    My only complaint was that if you are going to get naked and stand up in front of a crowd with fire AT LEAST be a pro at it.. don’t be an amateur with your titties hanging out.
    Anyone with a wonderful body can pose and look beautiful but if you are taking on an art and claiming that you can do it professionally and you can’t …. then you really have done nothing but make yourself look like an amateur and it puts a sour opinion of the art in the eyes of the watcher.

    Other than that the ladies are gorgeous and more power to their nekkidness.

  32. lexi, you’re an idiot. i can’t believe your comment is saying they’re underweight– i can’t believe you’d even comment on their weight at ALL. how shallow!
    if you want to criticize them, at least do it on a basis of how well they perform, or SOMETHING.
    even calling them skanky would make more sense.
    but you have no right to judge them on their size, my god.

    now, as far as i’m concerned, i think they’re very lovely looking women.
    i’m not sure if they’re really all that talented, being as i’ve only seen that clip.
    but i’m sure they’re a right fun group to hang out with.
    and you can always talk tats :]

  33. So, er, the tattoos are nice, but if you Google “Fuel Girls” you’ll notice that they’re missing their tattoos. Can someone who’s seen them in person vouch that they’re even real and aren’t temporary for the shoot? 🙁

  34. so this is basically the pussycat dolls with some subpar performance skills, and just because they have tattoos it’s suddenly acceptable? wow our community r0xXx

  35. Hmmm #68 I see what you mean… I do see tattoos on some other pics but they look like different tattoos lol maybe there are different girls performing under this name? To give them the benefit of the doubt…

    And I loved the irony of the comment “I’d hit it… with my car”.

  36. Why get so excited over explotation of women, plus the commerical pushing of playboy and this “what women should look like” image. These days if you’re not taking your clothes off you’re not hot.

    #64. When you are putting your body out there to be objectified they shouldn’t be bitching, and neither should you.

    Feminism is dead. We came from not being able to vote to this.

  37. Meghan – At least the one on the right has her dragon-tattoo in a video on youtube, so it might be that its a recent addition and so isn’t shown in the earlier photos.

    Their peformances didn’t really impress me as much as their boobs.

  38. Wow, calling them skinny got some angry responses! Seriously the fact that most people said that they are not underweight just goes to show how used we all are to seeing excessively made-up and very thin women in advertising. Im sick of plastic, Im sick of fake.

    And no ee thinspo does NOT rock, and if you think it does, get your head out of your ass and go get some help.

  39. talented or not. these girls are hot, THEY are on playboy tv….not some modshow. the point if for them to look sexy, and they are doing it wonderfully. from what I can see I love the tattoos, this is modblog, so yes, hot girls, tattoos, this makes for a good post in my eyes. I feel that post like these are important bc its showing how more accepting mods are becoming in the mainstream, like Playboy…

    great post, thank you rachel.

  40. they are beautifully photoshopped but have nice tat’s, the picture is cool looking

    but seriously, just just because you cover a turd in gold, it’s still turd underneath
    and these girls are just porn stars, nothing special about them, ZzZzZZ

    Now if they had 1 cup, now that is talented!

  41. Wait, so basically they stand around half naked, dancing, and rooting on men but not actually doing anything truly “cool”. Alrighty then, I will definitely pass on this trend.

  42. There are more girls than just the 3 in the picture above so I’m sure some aren’t as tattooed as others. Plus the video isn’t that great so it’s hard to tell.

  43. Ugh…I’m so sick of whores in the media. It downplays any actual virtues or talents that they may have. “Hotness” is a facade, a temporary thing that can disappear with age, accidents, etc. I think a uniquely spirited person with true talents and a kind heart is MUCH more “hot” than these useless, starved things.

  44. i think i just came in my pants.

    good fucking lord.

    im glad im not blind.

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