So Close, Yet So Far …

Without lapsing too heavily into hyperbole, let me just say that this is the most depressing photo ModBlog has ever published. How can you look at this brutal display of helplessness and not have your entire day ruined? This is positively Sisyphean. I need to go lie down.

(This victim of fate’s cruel hand is Tesa, who you can see hard at work here.)

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17 thoughts on “So Close, Yet So Far …

  1. aw man, the smile and dimples make me go “NAWWWWW” out loud. does he come in miniature pet version?

  2. Stretched cheeks?

    Not very often you see that! Only other guy that springs to mind is Fishmaul (or fishmouth, I can’t remember). Unless I’m wrong and that guy just has very big natural dimples / shadows on his cheeks.

  3. Okay, so uh, modblog and IAM, you never disappoint with your large collection of adorable guys I want very badly but can never have because they live so far…..

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