15 thoughts on “Also, He Has Severe Diarrhea. (No, Not Him.)

  1. very cute. are those flat discs in his cheeks though? im not a fan. for me cheek piercings are all about the round ball hanging ou t of a dimple

  2. not to be rude, or mean, or anyting..but I’m just wondering, what happened to RooRah?? is he alright?

  3. I want to see what his nose looks like without the clown nose, ’cause the septum is confusing me..
    like is it attached to the clown nose?
    ahh someone please explain.

  4. his eyes are gorgeus ^^…loved the look on his face…and the septum pierce?his it on the clown nose or in his own nose?

  5. They are round balls.
    And I believe he stuck the septum ring through the clown nose for the picture’s sake.

  6. Roo’s still around! He’s just gotten busier than usual with BMEvideo and was running himself ragged. Rest assured though, he’s alive and well.

  7. Yeah Pidge is on the money even though I do sport a large gauge septum this one is through the clown nose. And they are round balls.

  8. wow. i thought i recognised that face. i have been to sacred art a number of times. when i am going back to the hunter from the illawarra i like to stop my newwy and check out all the new stuff that’s happening.

  9. Failing completely to see how his lobe looks “pissy”, also the relevance of pointing that out. :/

    and rofl, I just realised the ring is through his clown nose. hur.

    this is v cute.

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