Sticks and Stones and Such

… wait, what? I just got here. I haven’t even had a coffee yet. Why you gotta hate?

Now, now — I appreciate the support, Sylvester, but maybe watch the potty-mouth.

Oh, right. Mornin’, Modblog!

(“STFU NOOB” is on IAM: h3110xk177y by Mitch at In The Flesh in Austin, TX. Swearin’ Sylvester is by Fred “Big Red” Bulbeck at Skin Creations Tattoos and Piercing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.)

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146 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones and Such

  1. Not too keen on the 1st pic, hackneyed style, hackneyed phrase. 2nd is pretty fun though i wonder where its located.

  2. I always think its weird when people get their knuckles tattooed when they only have 2 or 3 other tattoos.
    dont know why..

    I’m still yet to earn my knuckle tattoos!

  3. okay this is just my opinion and well a lot of other people in the tattoo industry. i understand that she maybe get sleeves later or whatever… but she doesnt have them now, and thats what counts. I think you need At least one full sleeve before you go with hands or knuckles.

    Now the phrase… I have two problems with this… one ties back in to the artist actually doing this tattoo.
    Everyone Knows What STFU stands for. say goodbye to jobs. And the fact that the artist agreed to do it!!! i give him no credibility and think its a stupid move.


  4. Yeah, because “stfu” written on your knuckles is going to make all the difference when you have purple hair, 1 inch lobes, a face full of holes and a bad attitude.

  5. Allen — Since when is it the artist’s job – or position – to decide whether someone is financially, emotionally, or otherwise secure enough to have knuckle tattoos?

    I agree with you that it SEEMS to be a poor decision, but it is not our decision, or the artist’s decision, to make. It is h3110xk177y’s. And as long as the artist made very serious, life-altering ramifications of her choice clear to her, then in my opinion they have done all that is required of them.

  6. i think Allen is just trying to point out that tattooing your knuckles first is a bad move. you can always take piercings out, and 1” lobes will shrink, but it’s going to take surgery to get those tattoos removed.

    i think it looks rad, i’d never get it done, but if she wants it then good on her.

  7. Cuntcumber: “Since when is it the artist’s job – or position – to decide whether someone is financially, emotionally, or otherwise secure enough to have knuckle tattoos?”
    every time they step foot into work. Why? Because a lot of people don’t think shit through and just jump into it. When it can impede that person from gaining employment or being falsely labeled, the artist, a person who knows the ramifications of visible, and in this case offensive tattoo, should be available to help guide that person through their decision. I wish it wasn’t like that and that modern culture could “live and let live” but that is just not a reality by any stretch of the imagination.

  8. The Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union (STFU) was founded as a civil farmer’s union to further organize the tenant farmers in the Southern United States.

  9. I never knew that you had to ‘earn’ a tattoo. I know that a lot of artists won’t work on a highly visible area if a person doesn’t have ‘enough’ coverage but its really up to the person who wants the tattoo. If you can convince the artist that you want it enough or have thought it through well enough then it really is only between you and your artist. Yes, its a semi-offensive tattoo but hopefully shes thought this through and so you have to give her the benefit of the doubt before you cut her down.

    I don’t have sleeves yet, but thats because I’m working backwards, from hand to shoulder instead of the other way around. Two of the artists at the shop I go to loathe me for tattooing my hands first and theres always tension whenever I’m in the shop. I pay them no mind though because they aren’t my artists and they are allowed their opinions, its their shop and I make sure to just avoid the issue because I don’t want to get into it with an artist at their own shop.

    So kitty, enjoy your knucks!

    as for the sylvester…well thats just fuckin hilarious lol

  10. And I just thought of something that I don’t think anyone has touched on.

    What if she doesn’t want sleeves? The general stigma is that a person with visible tattoos is that a person should get sleeves or a certain number of non-visible tattoos before theyve gotten their right to get a really visible tattoo, but what if a person only wants their knuckles or something on their neck with absolutely no plans for getting anything else. Why should that person have to conform to getting the ‘required’ tattoos to get the one they actually want?

  11. I defended the “ROTFLMAO” knuckles… but you know, that was actually lols and had a positive vibe. I wouldn’t mind telling my employer it stood for rolling on the floor laughing my ass off… I really wouldn’t want to be explaining shut the f*** up noob… even to my tolerant, long-suffering boss. But then I’m not a twat with a bad attitude so meh. Like the girl with the circle on her face, I really hope these chicks have long-term viable career plans, decent educations and savings plans, because being poor is NOT fun or romantic, I know, and nobody should wish it or impose it on themselves at that age.

  12. kitty – its a video game term, someone whos ‘new’ to the game or a ‘newbie’ …it gets shortened to noob, or n00b, or however l337speak goes these days. its basically just internet slang.

  13. It’s not just games, it’s forums as well.. basically any internet based community.

    I can’t believe she did this, but good for her. The work looks neat and it’s her choice.

    The Sylvester tat is awesome. Needs a comma.. :)

  14. Why does everyone assume that every single person wants an uptight office job? Maybe she wants to be a tattoo artist or piercer? Maybe she wants to flip burgers or own her own company. Pilot? Astronaut? Farmer? Translator? God, I picked the stupidest fucking examples…But luckily that’s not the point. There are more jobs in the world then ones she won’t be getting.

  15. When I said “earn my knuckle tattoos”, I’ve made a personal choice that I wanted to wait until I had both arms covered and finished. Basically, putting in enough time, money, and commitment (aka earning), before tattooing my hands/knuckles.

  16. No one has to have a certain amount of tattoos or ones in certain places to get one that they like where ever the hell they like. Don’t make getting tattoos seem so clicky. Who cares how many tattoos she has? Just support her for her decision to express herself permanently on her body.

  17. Lighten up everyone. I like her knuckles. And I’m sure she’s no stranger to the fact that tattoos are permanent and carry a social stigma. C’mon now.

  18. xbriannax- sorry, when you said earn it made me think of what one of the artists at the shop i went to for my hands said. he was extremely condescending to me about not having ‘earned’ my knuckles and neck tattoo which was kind of rude considering i became a patron of their business. talking down to customers is never a good idea so hes kind of lucky that i didnt mind, im going to be going to my artist at that shop for a lot of work so the shop would have lost out on a lot of business had i paid any attention to him.

  19. First off, I like this knuckle tattoo. It made me giggle.
    2nd-Hopefully she doesn’t want an office job….but really. I think by the time she NEEDS that office job, the owner of the company will have tattoos himself and won’t care if she has tattoos.
    Or you could go the other route and just say that maybe she won’t need an office job. Maybe she’s rich and she’s going to live off of her daddy’s money. Or she could marry rich. Never know.
    Maybe her need to have this tattoo out weighs her need to have some conventional job.
    I don’t think you need to earn your knuckle tattoos, I just think you have to know pretty damn well thats what you want.

    More power to her though. I like it.

  20. #23 just to be a smartass, you realy need to be professional in appearance as a to be a translator, as well as for being a pilot, an astronaut and in 99percent of the cases owning your own business, a lot of kids nowadays will do stuff like this with no plans for the future, and the attitude of ”live now without regrets” and the idea that the world is becoming tattoo friendlier, even if it is the case, it isn’t yet. Maybe in 20 years you won’t be judged on your tattoos it is highly likely that you will within the next 10 years, and when these people actually have to enter the workforce they will be pleasantly surprised as to how limited their career choices will be.

  21. im just wondering why knuckle tattoos are so important as to be ‘earned’? call me ignorant but im really curious

  22. she asked for a 13 but they drew a “STFUNOOB.”

    yeah i agree with what people said, you should have lots of tats before you front on some nukul tattooz. either that or get them done at the mall and go buy one of those dumb as fuck print hoodies after words

  23. Everyone is talking about her plans for the future, and I think that’s the main reason she should have waited. She looks young, and everyone is talking about how she is young. I don’t really think that she needs to ‘earn’ them but I think she should have thought about it more, or waited.
    Of course I don’t know her at all, and if she does have a career and all that then good for her, but I just believe that you can always wait, if you want it badly enough it’s always possible to get your tattoo after you’ve figured out at least some of your future.. the art isn’t going anywhere.

    I know someone will probably hate me for this, but personally I think knuckles or throat tattoos look silly on younger people. It makes it look rash.. that’s just me though.

    I really hope she thought about this, for a long long time.
    Doing a job you hate because you can’t get hired in something you love would absolutely suck.

  24. If only scoffing was a competitive sport. However, I must say that Modblog and all the lovely comments I read make me “LAWL” and want to “ROFL”. Maybe, just maybe… I should get those two tattooed on my knuckles! /end sarcasm.

  25. Why must people always asume the worst. There are so many other things the initials might stand for.

    Maybe she is a Trekie…
    STFU-Star Trek Federation University

    Or a job seeker…
    STFU-Still Technically Fully Unemployed

    Or has an unusual interests…
    STFU-Sexy Tasty Funky Underwear

    You never know.

  26. pfft knuckle tattoos wont hold someone back in life …. please tattoos are so mainstream now! the only thing thats really taboo still is tattooing your face,… even neck tattoos are becoming more acceptable.

  27. LAWLZ!
    “The Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union (STFU) was founded as a civil farmer’s union to further organize the tenant farmers in the Southern United States.”

  28. As someone who’s had long-term exposure to the amount of stupid on the internets…..

    STFU NOOB is funny on a t-shirt. Seeing it on someone’s knuckles makes me sad. In another ten years, it’s going to be the “tubular” or the “radical” of the new millennium. Forget what it’s going to be like when she’s older and potentially has to explain it to her kids. And before I get jumped on with the “NOT EVERYONE HAS TO HAVE KIDS”, relax, it’s just an example.

    Witty is one thing. I appreciate witty. i’d get a kick out of a boss, parent, grandparent or employee with a mustache finger tattoo. Something that is an internet-translation of a put-down doesn’t seem quite as funny to me. Oh well.

  29. No i actually dont believe that she understands what having excessive visible tattoos can really do. She may have heard and may have and idea but thats not reality. reality lies when you are unemployed and cant get a job because of your tattoos.

    Now i say this because i was discriminated against at one of the most accepting places for tattoos… “JOURNEYS SHOES” I was terminated from a MANGERIAL POSITION and that was only because of a full sleeve outline… before i had any hand tattoos. The deal with a lot of people hiring nowadays doesnt necessarily rely on you having tattoos but it relies on whether THEY ARE OFFENSIVE or not.

    also i think earned is being slightly taken out of context. but it does make plenty of sense.
    CoryVictorious… the reason they give you shit is because they dont agree with it… obviously, just like a lot of other people in the industry. Also i dont think you know how business is really conducted in the shop.
    theyre are a few ways but two of the most common are…
    The artist you go to pays a certain amount for their booth. As in renting their spot to work there.
    Or… The artists that tattoos you, gets a percentage of what you spend.. and the other artists dont see that money.
    So no the artists wouldnt have really lost a lot of business now would they?
    im just saying.

    and to be honest if she came and asked me for an apprenticeship… i would laugh in her face. haha talking about N00BZ… she’d be new to piercing. define irony???

  30. #6 allenedge first off ur a fuckin losser who cares what u think urthoiughts are fuckin whack go somehwere else and post ur crappy fuckin thoughts like she gives a fuck what u think is right
    #11 ur just a dumb bitch go hang out allen
    #13 cammeron ur fuckin losser who cares what ur crappy mind thinks
    #19 ur fuckin an ugly chick no so who cares what u think go spen sum more time at work and keep ur dumb thoughts out of here
    #23 u can earn DEEE nut 4 free ur fucxkin wanker
    #29 ur just fukin dumb

    sotoall u fuckin dumb bitches (including the ones with dicks) go fuckurselfs and ur dumb selfrightous attitudes and thoughts thinking u know whats best and the sillioest fukin idea u know whats earned as a tatto and like a tattoo has anything to do with geetinng a fukcin job and earning a living i hate u and ur lousy fuckin parents for having sex together in the first place
    well besdies all that I preffer crunchy peanut butter but only becasue i eanred it eating a case a smoothy skippy 1st

  31. I love you, Bradly. Please never stop trolling this site, your terrible spelling and off the cuff comments suggests a type of literary genius that is akin to the genius Cere portrays in his tattooing.


  32. as someone mentioned above; what if she *doesnt want* sleeves, ect, but DOES want her knuckles?
    im in that position myself, i have a few large pieces, but nothing visible with clothes on, and the only visible work i want will be my knuckles and my throat. i dont have them yet, and i am planning on waiting quite a while (im only 21) but when i do get them, i would be pretty sad to see people talking about me the way all you guys are talking about her.

  33. I’m almost 22 and I have no full sleeves or a chest piece or any piece, just 5 randomly placed tattoos.

    Does this mean I’m non scene or….?? ;)

  34. I’m gonna go get my knuckles tattooed right now JUST TO SPITE YOU ALL.

    Oh wait… I have a sleeve started already… damn.
    Anyway, I’d be angrier at young people starting up smoking than getting visibly tattooed.

  35. #57 it’s not always about what you want to be, sometimes you just can’t decide where you want your money to come from and at the end of the day it’s the guy forking out your wages that’s got all the marbles and if they don’t like it you’re screwed

  36. #55!

    HA! Lovely!

    Yah yah yah, who knows where she lives, what she does, what she will do or won’t.

    You can’t please everyone, so you gotta please yourself!

    props for boldness

  37. This elitist bullshit that’s being flung around is tiring. You can dress it up all you want, justify it as wisdom and a moral compass kicking in, but it’s still shit. People are getting butthurt because she didn’t go through some ‘initiation’, and presumedly jumped right to getting her knuckles done. No one here really has the right to tell anyone they don’t ‘deserve’ a tattoo or weigh them down with all their hangups. So you’ve gotten crap about your body work, tough titties.

    You don’t know her situation, whether she is financially stable and has it all figured out or not and yet some of you are practically determining her future lying in some gutter begging for change.

    If she ruined her chances of a nice corporate gig, so be it, lessoned learned. It narrows the field and she’ll have to work harder to prove hs’e legit. If she never had any intention, no skin of her nose. There are more than nine to five jobs out there and by your logic, Rehan, she wouldn’t get hired on anyway since the boss ‘won’t like it’.

  38. I mean, I personally wouldn’t do it (for multiple reasons) but hey, if she likes it.
    I’m sure she must have thought of the ‘consequences’ before hand, or at least I really hope she did.
    Plus, It’s well done- so if one day she happens to regret it, at least it won’t be because it was done shitty.

  39. fuck… I can imagine what would happen if I was ever modblogged haha
    Im 21 have my throat tattooed,my knuckles,my whole hand, my left forearm and both of my legs….
    and to be honest, I couldnt care less what a bunch of keyboard warriors say over the internet about people who clearly are more self confident and happy within themselves than people who look over forums to talk down to people. I hope that everyone that has bitched about this girl will tommorow go out and verbalize those thoughts to the first visibly tattooed person you see…and I hope they kick your ass,….i would.

  40. #64 ur weaker than any1 posting here threatining people for thier choice of words and thoughts no one condens it here opions and thoughts are alowwed even face to face fuckin wanker

  41. haha your funny!!
    Bradly, you are quite obviously stupid, because if you werent you would realise the point was that NONE of those people would ever say any of those things to a stranger in person so why do people suddenly grow huge balls over the web. Oh and there are a few kids games here on the wide world of the internet that could help you to learn to spell.

  42. this all just seems a bit ridiculous. I’m not a huge fan of what the knuckles say, but their not my hands. Best of luck to her.

  43. jason{{{{{{
    A note from Trelease on Reading & Spelling

    FOR those obsessing over spelling and phonics, here’s something to ponder. In fact, if you ponder it long enough, it could drive you crazy or at least make you reconsider previous positions. The following paragraph arrived in my email in October, 2003. Nearly every word of it is inexcusably misspelled and phonetically impossible, yet I had no trouble reading and understanding it. You probably won’t either.

    Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is tahtthe frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae.The rset can be a total mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit any porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, butthe wrod as a wlohe.

  44. Thank you #22!!! Hey, maybe she works on computers, notice the l33t sp34k pattern of her tattoo and username? What good is it going to do with you guys criticizing her for getting this anyway, it’s too late. Plus, look at her facial piercings- I’m sure she’s no stranger to the “stigma” attached with such visible body mods.

  45. i have put allot of thought into the swastika(racksha kavach( in the middle of my forhead but draw a blank for now from my knuckles on down I put allot more thought into removing one of my fingers with a stone blade like maybe in atrip to the dani tribe I understand they whack the funny bone on the elbow(arm) as a form of numbing but if i cant do it numb free and without pupil dialation or flickering then im just not there yet but im thinking ill be there b4 i know what i want on my knuckles but what i do know for sure want i do like is beep beep move over that ass is 2 fattt

  46. Pssh, wow. SO “hardxcore” with those knuckle’s, man! I mean, really. Just wow.

  47. She is hot and so is her tattoo….

    She can be my wife, ill do the working, she can level my WoW characters…

    Case closed.

  48. its her tat, her life, who cares…if u dont like it stfu and just dont get any knuckle tats. period. :P

    I got purple hair, stretched ears, tats (including showable neck tat that ppl always comment…they are more curious than OMGGG FREAAAAK) and piercings and i got a cool job.. she can find herself a good job if she wants, she just has to look and for ppl to stop hating. I actually seen a women with an arm/hand tattoo and shes a damn nurse soo yeh

    and LOL at #75

  49. Allen so are you saying since my knuckles were my first tattoo……
    shit wait come to think of it my hand was my second which is also something you mentioned needing a sleeve before receiving that
    so am i to assume this means my tattoos don’t count even though i had my knuckles planned years before receiving the ink
    i mean goddamn i have a sleeve of blackwork with an elbowpiece now but i don’t think that makes my knuckles any more fucking meaningful then they were alone

    and as far as the job fuck it was hard to get a job when i just had my cheeks pierced and lobes at inch and half with no tattoos
    the visible tattoos really didn’t slow me up as much as those did
    and my shit says WORM FOOD which isn’t STFU but everyone knows what that shit means as well and when you see a guy with worm food and a fucking arm that looks like gangrene coming out most people at least whince in disgust if not completely fucking shun me
    but whether or not they give me the opportunity i warm them up and all but the absolute ignorant and completely close minded will give me a chance
    true most of my jobs have been manual labor but i still made good money and working those jobs was really due to dropping out to tour in bands from 16-19 and not because my looks held me back
    and within the next few months i plan on receiving my throat piece which i can confidently say will be really fucked up to most people

    personally i hate her knuckles
    i think they’re quite ridiculous and not in the good way
    but the artist didn’t do a bad job
    but i give no shits about that i only care that you are saying in what order its acceptable to mod your body
    shit’s weak man for real
    don’t mean to sound like i’m getting worked up because i’m not
    just felt i should give my view

  50. Re my #55 post, Pidge, it was a joke. In response to everyone going on about how she won’t be able to work in an office and what stfu and noob actually mean. It took me ages to think of it too.

  51. Anyway, I actually saw the girl the other day in town and I bet you guys won’t like her new PML forehead tattoo either.

  52. #77 who gives a fuck what u think ??? ive seen ur type b4 noarmally pushin up daisy’s cause their mouths r full of dirt////

  53. fuck themoderator and is crappy fuckin life U r a LLLOOOSSSSSEEEERRRRR to bad thats the biggest L i have…

  54. Although I don’t personally like knuckle tattoos on people who aren’t otherwise heavily modified, it could be alot worse. For example, I know a guy who’s just turned 16 who has “Drop Dead” on his knuckles. Yep, Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon style. Even worse is, it’s a poorly done tattoo.

    I’m 17 next month and I have 6 tattoos, most of which are not visable when i’m clothed, apart from maybe the one on the back of my neck if my hair’s tied up but I don’t think that will be a problem considering I never wear my hair down.

  55. wow 86 posts and I’m sure the majority was bitching about people with knuckle tattoos but no sleeves. I have three visible tattoos one on each arm and one on my neck. I have 3/4 ears (going up) and a 00g labret (going up) as well, just last friday I got the words bookworm tattooed on my knuckles the person who did it did’nt hesitate at all, good for him I say and a BIG THANK YOU AS WELL. I plan on living my life how I want and doing what makes me happiest. A great band called RAMBO has a song about getting knuckle tattoos, one of the lines is “defined by what I love not what pays the rent” so take it for what it’s worth but having visible heavy modifications won’t stop me from doing what I want in life and it should’nt stop any of us

  56. it looks cool, yeah. the lettering and colour is awesome.
    but i’ve thought about it, and how would, “STFU NOOB? what does that mean?” “oh it stands for shut the fuck up noob.” “…oh. lovely.”. like, it just doesn’t seem practical to have something offensive all out in the open. i’ve seen knuckle tattoos with “FUCK YEAH”.

    i’m sure some employers could look past knuckle tattoos if it was something like, “love hate” or whatever, but when it’s offensive, it’s hard not to just shrug it off.

  57. Haha, I’m from California and the first thing I thought when I saw her knuckle tattoos was that it said “STFU No on 8″…as in Proposition 8…though on second thought, that wouldn’t quite fit on her knuckles. Anyway, I thought, ‘Shit, man! She must really be committed to gay rights!’ (Proposition 8, if passed, will eliminate the right of gay couples to marry.)

  58. haha i had the same idea for my knuckles but i would neva do it glad sum 1 did thou looks great

  59. #92 because i hate it here just a bunch of lossers the moderators delete half of what i say and if sumone was really imtrested in contacting they could I get naked pics sent to me all the time by chcicks here

  60. #95

    You are the reason I don’t have an IAM account, because of this elitist bullshit attitude. I have to earn my right to get knuckles! Deciding that I want something on my hands for the rest of my life or until I want to shell out very large sums of money to have them lasered off and then on top of it paying for the tattoo to get done EARNED me the right to get them so take that shit some where else cause it sounds like the load of shit it is

  61. I don’t see why it matters how many tattoos someone has… if they want something on their knuckles, what’s the big deal? I’m sure there are some people in the world that ONLY want knuckle tattoos. The lack of other tattoos shouldn’t make a difference.
    As far as STFU being visible and getting a job… it isn’t up to the artist. I know some refuse to do hand tattoos, but the majority will bring up the fact about possibly having a hard time to get a job in the future with them… if the person understands that, and still wants the tattoo, they’ll do it for them.

    I like both tattoos.

  62. tattoos have nuthin 2 do with getting a job there 4 i am what I am and thats all that Iam I can noffer u this much but if u want more then just add watter but bedsides all that I would donate my thoughts to the sidealk with chalk but the last time i woke up I had all this gritty colors mushed all over me..

  63. #94 if i could no anything in this world it would b??/Whick is skinnier cappalini,vermacalli,or angel hair???It’s so fikin confusing and they look so close in diamter but they are spelled so diiferanlty?

  64. I’ve been reading modblog for years and the quality of the posts has recently taken a huge nose dive since certain people left the blog.

    The new mod’s are doing a horrible job, the sense of community that I felt and the pleasure at reading about so many people coming together to appreciate a shared interest is gone. I had thought about sending my own stuff in once this last piece is complete, but why would I want to share when all I am seeing are peoples comments on what complete trash peoples tats are, or how they don’t approve of visible hand tattoos. Or how you have to jump through this or that invisible hoop in order to modify your body a certain way because that is really in the spirit of body modification, stamp this form showing you have the percentage of skin covered with OTHER tattoos you may not even want in order to get your knuckle tattoos.

    Body modification to me has always been about freedom of expression, which means you do things that don’t conform to the social norm. No one is running around bitching about the guy with the horns and surgically altered nose, but you get some knuckle tattoos in a manner not community approved and RAWR.

    What a fucking joke, I am really glad that the tattoo police are here to keep us all safe, to make sure only the “hardcore” get “hardcore tattoos” and to make sure we can get a job in some soulless, sunless dilbert-esque cubical somewhere when we all “grow up” and decide to stop playing at being different and get a “real” job.

    You know what makes a poser? That persons attitude all of you people taking the time out of your day to “share” how you think something is shitty add nothing to the world you are boring and I would rather hang out with this teeny bopper chick with her gamer grrl knuckle tattoos than any of you any day of the week.

    Why do these people even come to this forum a place for the celebration of people customizing their meat puppet if all they want to say is how you shouldn’t get modified in a visible way if you want to get a “good” job someday ?

    You are people who obviously either hate body mods, or are armchair experts. Either way you make this blog unreadable now. What the FUCK happened to the community ?

  65. its not an elitest mentality joe#96.its called common fucking unless youre involved in tattooing,piercing,or have a really lax job that you can get away with being visibly tattooed.then you really shouldnt do it.and i do think some of it you should earn because it shows you’ve taken them time and dedication to work to those areas.cory you have your hand tattooed and dont even have a legit modification job.same with your throat and not even having your chest finished.thats honestly stupid and senseless.
    and joe #96.dont even come at this saying you dont wanna shell out money to get sleeved or a decent amount of work just to take the easy way and get your knuckles done.i can honestly say that most of this kids with their hands,knuckles or throats tattooed arent even involved in the modification job world and pretty much just fucked themselves.its not shit.its being smart.get your arms done from top to bottom then onto the hands.
    and whoever said about getting initiated and this being tiring.its fucking true.ask ANY LEGIT TATTOO ARTIST and theyll say the same makes sense.i think you should have some decent coverage before you move onto the makes sense.i understand its all about self expression.but theres a point where you should be smart about it. ALSO
    shawnjohn just posted about kids stealing ideas(HOMESICK) and this was one of the worst rips ive seen.
    i understand that most ideas within tattooing are basically the same(roses,skulls,coffins,etc) BUT HOW ITS DONE makes the difference and this was one of the worst copies ive ever seen.
    comeback to me in 5 years when you dont have a legit job and youre wondering why youre poor and cant get hired outside of a tattoo/piercing shop.might be the tattoo placement….

  66. I should read a copy of the tattoo lawbook so I know which order I can get my tattoos done. I sure wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

  67. i dont understand this thing about ‘earning’ knuckle tattoos. whats up with that?! uh.
    not that i have them, but i dont get why you should have to earn anything to do with your own body.
    unless we are all in some huge terrifying gang where only the people at the top are allowed to be identified by their tattoo location….

  68. After everything that’s been posted, I find myself agreeing more and more with the command expressed on this girl’s right hand. Seriously, it’s just pigment in skin. Nothing more.

  69. I’m 21 right now, and I suspect I’ll probably get my knuckles tattooed before I do my sleeve. Would it be awesome if I could do my sleeve first? Yeah, but financially that’s not likely. The sleeve will require me to be employed full time and more settled than I am now. The knuckle tattoos are part of my plan to make sure I don’t get trapped in a job I hate. It’s legal to discriminate against me for a thousand reason (facial piercings, transgender, etc), and my plan is to give them one more. If they still hire me, I can pretty sure it’s a place I won’t mind working and where they won’t hate me for being a tranny queer with piercings and tattoos. That said, I have my phrase picked out and I’m waiting until I graduate from college (three more years, blah… I’m slow) because I don’t want to screw myself out of shitty part time jobs I need to stay in school. Will having knuckle tattoos make it harder to find work? Sure. I’ve already had potential employers tell me how disgusted they are by my piercings; I’m sure readily visible tattoos will only make that reaction stronger. Then again, I don’t want to work at Mainstream Retail Store for my entire life, nor do I want to be a receptionist or a secretary. We make it work.

    My point is just that people have a lot of reasons for getting tattoos, and sometimes when it comes to employment, knuckle tattoos are actually pretty far down on the list of reasons someone doesn’t get hired.

    Now, would I get STFU NOOB on my fingers? Eh, probably not. But it still made me laugh to see it.

  70. Jordyxyouth…ouch I didn’t know I did that much to offend you. And I also didn’t realize that only skull boy had his hands tattooed like this. Yea, he was a good inspiration for it but hey, how do tattoo bones in a different way, you can’t and so I got what I wanted done.

    I don’t have to get tattoos done in a certain way because you think thats the right order and the people who have talked about this ‘elitist’ attitude are pretty right. Its out of control. Body modification is a personal thing and yes there are artists who feel a certain way and won’t tattoo someone visibly if they don’t have ‘enough coverage’ and then there are the artists who feel like the people getting tattooed and that if its personal to them, and they aren’t coming in drunk or stoned and with a clear state of mind then they have every right to get that tattoo.

    And my personal life isn’t any of your business. I’m confident that I will have a life that I can be comfortable with due to my drive and intelligence. You don’t know me well enough to make a remark like that and I find that extremely rude.

  71. all you people bitching about how some here are being “elitest” and wrong by saying you should work your way towards knuckle (visible: ie hand, neck, face, etc) tattoos should actually research the history of tattooing in many cultures.

    if you look at the traditional japanese tattoo culture (which is probably the oldest “profesional/modern” tattoo culture), you would know that they do not do hands or necks until the rest of the body suit is done. they get their full body suits so they can be covered in public and the work place its all about respect, not some myspace kids getting visible tattoos first so they can take cool pics for myspace and iam and show off.

  72. Well thats great for traditional japanese culture, however, body modification has evolved since then. Yes, it used to (and in some cultures still) be a way to show status but for most nowadays tattooing is self expression and helps people. i am who i am because of my modifications and i’ll continue to shape as I get more. If ancient japanese tradition said that people had to start at the feet and work their way up would you all get your feet and legs tattooed before you get above your waist because that makes any more sense?

  73. As number 109 already pointed out, it’s outright disrespectful to break with the centuries old tattoo-tradition. We do no want change!

  74. both of you two need to get off your soap boxes.

    maybe you should think about what i wrote instead of getting all holier than thou.

    i was simply pointing out that this is not some “new trend” of some tattooed people thinking they are better than you “n00bs.” i was just pointing out history of a highly respected and respectful culture.

    maybe culture existed before myspace huh?

    i never said we should do things the same as all historical times, obviously.

    maybe you should call out my underlying point about we shouldnt use electricity because humans didnt have that a couple hundred years ago? maybe thats the point i was trying to make?

    i whole-heartedly support people doing what they want to their bodies, but you need to understand history to understand the world and the way it works. maybe you will learn that when you move out of your parents house?

    oh, and i think the comments about “this person wont ever get a job” are moronic also. i am on your side, but the only way to have an intelligent debate about anything is to look at all sides and detach your emotional connection.

    if i would have completely covered my entire body in tattoos ten years ago when i was young, i would be sad because i am so different now and would have no way to express my new experiences and growth as a person.

  75. Alright then I misinterpreted your intentions. But stop talking about myspace, yes I have one, no I don’t have a zillion friends on it.

    Its just that people nowadays aren’t keeping a hierarchy because its honorable or the right way. Especially US artists, because there isn’t really a concept of honor or esteem in the US that doesn’t come with a dollar sign attached to it. Maybe if society was as honor driven as it used to be in traditional senses then yes, it would make more sense to commit to that code but things have changed.

    I fully understand that I will be looked at in a different way for the rest of my life. I felt like people looked at me differently ever since I was a little kid and now I just feel I have a cause for the effect. In general I am happier now than I ever have been, largely in part because of what I’ve had done to myself. I know my plans will change as I go but at what point is it ok to stop thinking about thenm and start doing? If I feel a certain way at 20, why do I have to wait until I’m 30 to get it done. Or if I wait until I’m 30, and want something else, then wouldn’t it be obvious that I would feel something different at 40?

    All I’m saying is that you create who you are as you go along. If you try to speculate how you will feel about what you do today for ten years from now, you have to remember there are two different people that you would become. The first is the person with all the experiences and the life lived if you got it done, and the second person is the one with the experiences and the life lived if you didn’t do it.

    I hope that made sense? I’m not trying to start anything with anyone. I just was defending this girl for her right to get a tattoo that she likes and try to keep the personal aspects out of it, because when it comes down to it, most people who are saying stuff probably do not know her to say what kind of job she could or couldnt get.

  76. #102 itas]]] obviuos u have low self esteem adn ur parents r dum so u r a dum dum besides why did u tell everyone that u got herpes off a toilet seat ???
    106# ur parents own u??/ how many more payments and what finace rate or paid off 4 life???
    $109…what does japapenes culture have do with deeezzz nutzzz u fukin wanker i was talkin withthe moderator he dosnt want u posting here anymore and if u do he will send ur computer the online shyolis virus dating back b4 there was the online
    this site feeds the losser in life ur like pigeons nutin wrong with pigeons though but what i really do like and preffer are the times when i can wake up in the morning but its not not because its 3 pm but in bizzaro world it is 3 am so i think my thoughts on what to do and i take a marker and draw a cube around myface and place my costume over my clothes but allas im still just me only ive changed now I read mod blog posts and say to my self it feels like it.s 3 am when its really 3 pm and the whole fuckinshabang starts all over again
    but who cares….see thats what happems when i got so modded up no one wants to hire me so timetime time to ponder and blog thats all i can do but I get a government mental disabilty check compliments of u

  77. Why is it that the most commented pictures on ModBlog are always the ones with pussies fighting about some half-assed issue that noboby actually gives a shit about? Honestly.

  78. 117 ur i was like dammm dude ur stupid aand ur weak minded statement proovs it it’s an issue an u can b the asss

  79. re: cory: “All I’m saying is that you create who you are as you go along. If you try to speculate how you will feel about what you do today for ten years from now, you have to remember there are two different people that you would become.”

    exactly, well said.

    sorry i went off on myspace, haha, guess im just a crabby ol curmudgeon. i have a myspace too, to be honest.

    and i never criticized the knuckle tattoos, i was just adding to the commentary in the posts.

  80. #102

    I call bullshit on most of what you said. I should’nt have to work in the mod industry to get my knuckles done, why the fuck should I have to get full sleeves to have my hands tattooed? It’s all bullshit and it just goes to show how fucking close minded some of you people really are. I have no future plans of working in an office or a retail job, I’m almost thirty years old I don’t need anyones acceptance or approval to do something I want. And I never once said anything about not having the money to get sleeves done, have you ever heard of someone being indesisive and not knowing what they want on themselves that would be that big? I wanted bookworm tattooed on my knuckles so I fucking got it done. That earned me the right

  81. I think that both the knuckles and the Sylvester look great. On a side note, since Bradly is fighting with everyone. Could he insult me in several posts. I’m feeling all emo that he isn’t talking about me.

  82. What an idiot. This is without a doubt the most immature, crap, childish, annoying tattoo I have ever seen. And I work in a tattoo studio where people come in to get their boyfriend/girlfriends name tattooed on them IN SCRIPT!!! (Usually they have been dating for a whole WEEK) But this one takes the biscuit. I am SO grateful that I am not this girl because if I was that stupid I think I would actually kill myself to put myself out of my misery. Or maybe she should pay someone to tie her up FOREVER so that she can’t make any more mistakes……. sounds like a better way to spend her money rather than spending it on yet another awful, mindless tattoo.

  83. I have no issue with the lassie having knuckle tattoos. I do, however, think that this particular knuckle tattoo is going to be regrettable in the future. Like someone else said, funny on a t-shirt, but on knuckles?

  84. “NOOB” basically comes from the word “new”.
    it implies that you are inexperienced,ignorant,an idiot, somebody who is clueless and basically sucks. I think we all know what “STFU” means, which is shut the f*ck up.

    don’t agree wit it but this is what i found

  85. i personally think the knuckles are perdy cool. like really every time she pwns a noob she can just look down and have a nice giggle. as far as having to have sleeves or more tattoos to get your knuckles tattooed that’s dumb. I’m pretty sure there are no rules that say you must have this before that when it comes to body mods.

  86. *Drumroll*…

    I’m not going to be a keyboard warrior, or “defend” myself to you people.

    I’m simply going to inform you that:

    A. This tattoo has NOTHING to do with my attitude, as much as my love for gaming. NOT Myspace (sorry to disappoint).

    B. I considered this for nearly three years, and decided on my twenty-second birthday that if I still wanted it, I’d finally do it. Obviously I did it.

    C. I don’t think I have the right to be ridiculed because I didn’t do the “conventional” thing by getting my arms done first.

    D. No, I don’t plan on some 9-5 office job at all, I do have a piercing apprenticeship waiting for me because that’s what I’d really love to do, and eventually (when I can afford school) be a special effects makeup artist.

    To those of you who complemented me, thank you, I take a lot of pride in this tattoo. (Oh, and Dandy- what level/race is your WoW character? Lawl.)

    To those of you who don’t like it, that’s wonderful. It’s not on your body, so don’t worry about it. The way I look at it is it’s my body and my decision. I’m happy as a pig in shit with the decision I made. If you want to dwell, cry, and throw insults go for it. I don’t expect everyone to understand or like it, and I didn’t get it for other people to like it.

    You may now return to your regular scheduled programming.

    Kthxbaaaai. ^_^

  87. Well this blog post FAILS for the fact that the mod police have taken over. Since when do people need to ask for society’s approval before they get tattooed? Tattoos are personal and you don’t need to understand shit, for they have nothing to do with you.

    I think some of you need to go back to myspace and stay there. You don’t know this person, yet you have the audacity to sit there and throw insults like you are holier than Chuck Norris or some shit.

  88. #127 who gives a fuck what u think it has nuthin to do with u u fukin new B want 2 B =they were right u aint readymaybe u should have started off with a craker jack tattoo permantenent style…if u had just kept ur mouthshut and let ur knuckles do the talking…
    #129 i do sumtimes when i talk to myeslef i put in ear plugs so i understand but why o why the memeories but who knows why the rats ate my candy cane now i walk with alimp but eh worse part is how tey tuant me with thier screeching chatter lol at me while i limp around throwing botos at them but my aim is off so in the end it’s justdust in the wind…NO FUCK YOU…now thats what im talking ABOUT #129

  89. 2late uv been sandwiched…………… beat this :::The Temple of Apshai is a computer role-playing game (CRPG) from Epyx. The game was first released for the TRS-80 in 1979, LOL nice try though…..

  90. lol fuck what people think, every ones intitled to there own. its funny as hell to see my work posted in a blog. theres no rules or order to gettin ink done. as far as earning her knuks, she took em like a champ. never made a sound, never made a face, never moved once, she rocked. she “earned” em. did i explain her chances of future employment? yes. she thought about it, wanted it, i thought it was cool so i did the tat for her and i’d do it again.

    Kthxbaaaai, i was woundering if i was read a post from you on here. and it was well said. do what you do girl, fuck what they say. lifes to short.

    In The Flesh
    211B E.6th Street
    Austin, Tx

  91. people getting all offended because artist refusing to tattoo your hands face neck w/e is retarded if u get turned down go to some hack shop that doesnt care and just wants your money

    look at it like this the guy that turned you down tattoos for a living its doenst make since for him to not make money off you but hed rather either a have u think hes an ass hole and not get tattooed by him and trust me u not likeing him for not wanting to tattoo your hands dont mean shit to him or you could jsut be sinsible start on your arms get them covered make him more moeny as a return customer and once u have figured out what u r doing with your life get your hands or he could do your hand and once u dont have a job and live in your parents basment cuz no where will hire u

    i dunno just ranting

  92. just another scene kid who’s going to regret it in another 10 years at most.
    i’m not one to say that getting “game” tattoos is bad, but this is far different from mario etc. i somehow doubt she feels that this sentence plays such a role in her life that she won’t mind having it when oli sykes isn’t cool anymore.

  93. so as i understand it if you have not spent enough time filling in tribal into the empty space between your unrelated crappy tattoos of cartoons, religious symbols, nautical stars, and skulls then your fingers just simply are not ready for the undoubtedly strenuous task of bearing ledgable text? i must argue some facts about the lovelies you are inkblocking. fingers are pretty versitile, they do just about everything for you, even those fancy tattoos you have were the work of some pretty fine digits, they might have tired at times but they trecked on forward, bending and pushing at every command. fingers don’t sit around and wait, fingers dance and wait. fingers continously grow weapons. fingers will go anywhere even where you wouldn’t stick your dick . fingers have knuckles and when their powers combine a man flies out of the sky and yells i am captain planet! also theirs a fist involved? now it’s only just a rumor so don’t get too excited but i heard that once you’ve covered your arms in meaningless scratch and you have finally earned the right to get the space between your knuckes filled with an internet acronym then you have moved up in live, you are now a black belt in the tattoo ninja army and can now partisipate in the sacrid mody mod art of armputation: full arm amputation. also if you’ve had your neck tattooed in this instance you are indeed cool enough for the most badass mod of all- neckutation: full neck ampuation. or (your choice ofcourse) a deep lobe: frontal lobe labotomy. please go to to claim your prize. And for those of you with jesus, virgin mary, , bible verses, crosses or other religious propaganda tatoos i have found the place of the second coming! god jesus himself is waiting for you there! wait patiently in the nearest set of train tracks each night for 2 weeks and heaven will come to you at fullspeed and the god will whisper to your destiny. listen carefully for whenever the godsun is near a strange blaring horn like sound travels with him. roll your sleeves up, your knucks might get dirty.

  94. Bradly is probably the chick with the knuckle tattoos?


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  96. If she doesn’t regret this when she’s older then I’ll eat my hat. Because she will.

  97. hey girl with tattoo i saw u play WoW well maybe i couldnt read all the dribble bull shit comments.but yea if u ever check this comment again id love to play with u.(WoW of course) look me up. Realm:Ysera
    Name :Drkilljoy



    shes got “balls” for tattooing this on her knuckles.
    i remember when i met her at a party :) haha.
    and ever since then we became friends!
    even tho i dont live in austin anymore. we still keep in touch!
    shes a great person overall
    with a creative mind!


  99. The best part about her knuckles.. is she totally copied them from mine.. almost EXACTLY.

    They were not my first tattoo, I am pretty heavily covered.

    Ohwell. I guess I should be flattered???

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