Prepare for glory!

Niki Patterson sent in this video of a (500 needle) play piercing session she did on her friend Eric Hubble..

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Tiki Tattoos and Body Piercing, Thermopylae, Greece Groton, CT.

15 thoughts on “Prepare for glory!

  1. I would’ve just done away with the shorts. It looked like they got in the way a bit.

    and man, that probably felt amazing.

  2. nice! I desperately would like to have a play piercing session, but here (in Southern Italy) seems to be impossible. :(
    [anyway, Thermopylae are not in Persia, but in Greece. ]

  3. Maria > DIY ;). Just ask to your piercer for informations about material and rules, theorically he can explain it to you.


    I definitely loved the video – if only he had 300 needles instead ^_^

    *runs to the dvd shelf*

  5. It was a lot of fun and Niki is a kick ass piercer, i’m totally gonna go for 1000, hope I can do it!

  6. thanks kran, when I go to my piercer for my second nipple piercing (which I hope is going to happen soon), I’ll ask her!

  7. i understand that play piercings are usually shallow but i could see the needle through the skin! way, way shallow. made my eyebrow hurt….

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