The True Harvest

Look at that darling punim! And is it just me, or does Ferdudurke look more than a little like Pauly below the eyes? A double-take was definitely involved.

Good morning, ModBlog!

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22 thoughts on “The True Harvest

  1. Those are the first stretched cheeks I’ve seen since that European guy who went… big.

    That really is a whole different level of dedication.

  2. Ferdudurke always appears on modblog looking wonderful…loved the implants and the stretched cheeks..hope he doesn’t stretched them too much :x

  3. They’re scars from the implants, I’m assuming.
    Nice picture.
    And no, I don’t think he and Pauly look alike…sorry Jordan.

  4. Paulys got stretched labrets, ferd has stretched cheeks. At first glance you could think it was him but paulys hands are extensively tattooed too.

    I love how perfectly symmetrical everything is. They all look so healthy and awesome.

  5. Pauly’s nose is also 2 and a half inches or something? Digging the picture, the cheek stretching thing, though… be careful with the scalpel in the future!!!!!1

  6. 10: i think the biggest he got was inch and a half? I could be wrong.

    And yeah, i knew it wasn’t pauly, but i can see the resemblance.

  7. The pair of star implants looks really good, and I like all the face jewellery being black – it matches perfectly and looks well planned. I’m so jealous of those nostril tunnels…and those cheeks.

  8. His cheeks are quit nice and I have recently ran into a guy in Brooklyn whom had 1/2″ or 13mm if you will, looking great.

    But the Pauly Note, His nostrils were never 2 1/2″ he made it to 1 1/2″ once just to see if he could then quickly took them out cause of aesthetic and mental discomfort.
    Not too mention this guys looks nothing like him even at a quick glance.

  9. Heh, I must say “thank you” to Steve & Marcus for implants : )
    Almost all bodymod work on Ferdidurke by me : ))

  10. Nice matching and symmetry in the jewelry, not usually a fan of those piercings stretched that much but they look good. And of course, nice star implants :)

  11. Ferdidurke looks nice.)

    all labrets are made by me
    if you want to order smth just write me down in iam
    i’ll soon finish my web-site with catalogue and publish all of my works in bmezine jewelry gallery.)

    materials i use: ptfe, gagat (black amber), wood and stone.
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