Time is But the Stream

NOTE: No delicious, delicious fish were harmed in the making of this tattoo by Todo at ABT Tattoo in Hampton, Georgia.

And just like that, another in the books. Take it easy, ModBlog, and we’ll see you in the morning.

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26 thoughts on “Time is But the Stream

  1. As an avid fisherman the authenticity and detail in this, as already mentioned are astounding. The silhouette of the dude is a little whack, but the swivel more than makes up for it

  2. This reminds me of the covers for Trophy Bass. That was an epic fishing game. This, however, is much more brightly colored, and the fish doesn’t have that badass “I’m gonna break your line and steal your best lure” look. The accuracy on here is amazing. The artist actually included all five fins, and nobody ever does that.

    I feel like a dork saying that I enjoyed virtual fishing more than actual fishing, but there weren’t any mosquitos in the game.

  3. …it must really suck being a fish…

    i mean.. one day you are swimming along.. nice and cool (or the fish equivalent) on your way to a function or other… and then you see some yummy.. tasty looking tucker.. just hangin there… and then all of a sudden… a sharp jarring pain runs through your fish lips… and you are being dragged through the water… running into everything that comes between you and the surface.. until you are in the air… flying through the air until you fall down onto a hard surface where you flap around trying to find liquid… with these two legged two armed freaks looking down at you.. just to throw you into a bucket.. where your friends are already there…. dead… you take a few deep breaths.. but all that surrounds you.. is air…. you see the light.. and head towards it…

    RIP dear fish……..

  4. Yupp, videogame cover… Awsome colouring, subtle, but crisp!? haha

    Great piece… Spec the hook

  5. Instantly recognized it as video game cover art too, just didn’t know which fishing title.

  6. I had no idea fish had tongues…

    Someone that is quite an intense interpretation of a fish’s last moments- I’m impressed.

  7. @ #6- You have got to be f’n kidding me? I hope you don’t keep a poor dog kenneled up in your house. Dogs are pack animals and should be allowed to run with other dogs, free of the confines of a house or fence in a yard. Could you imagine being a dog and being born into captivity, born a slave to a human family for the rest of your life. Poor Dogs…. lol

    Seriously tho, the artwork is great but as already mentioned its the cover for a video game about a sport that you should just go out and do as opposed to sitting on your couch playing a simulation.


  8. Brilliant! The colours, the angle and perspective, wow. So many details, and they’re so clean. Not a fan of fishing, but I love that tat!

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