24 thoughts on “She Would Give Them Order

  1. ditto on the boob. (fingers crossed that it is indeed airbrushed and i didn’t just insult a fuzzy boob)

    her anchors look good. mine aren’t completely level and they stick out just a tad. hopefully, hers are better. could make wearing clothes not awesome given the location.

    wonder if that tickled?

  2. placement is high enough not to be bothered by jeans and low enough not to be bothered by bra straps, shouldn’t catch at all.
    i’ve got something i’d like to screw into her :P

  3. Very nice artwork. A pitty it isn’t done with good old surface piercings, which are, if well placed, less prone to reject than microdermals…
    PS.: Strange American bigottery now also on BME (naked Ok, but nipples to erase)…?

  4. looks great….not too into the missing body parts like everyone else though….but yeah, they definitely don’t fuck around at Club Tattoo….always good stuff…..

  5. Boobs look like they were photoshop to hide the nipples, keeping it PG rated.

    The link to the club tattoo website is obviously broken, missing a .com or something.

    cool piercings.

  6. looking at her hands, breast and knees, looks like shes leaning over some sort of cushion thats the same material / colour as the background so it appears hidden. doesnt really look like an airbrush job to be honest.

    nice micro’s tho….

  7. I’m with everyone else on the “Wow is that a photoshopped-out nipple-boob?” But I didn’t even think the missing knees were weird, I just thought she was wearing thigh stockings! Then I noticed you can see her heels! So perhaps she is wearing footless thigh high stockings… though that is a little odd I will admit. Come on someone explain this! Haha.

    Though… addressing what’s really important. BEAUTIFUL STARS! She’s gorgeous as well, they really suit her.

  8. Update! Sean Dowdell from Club Tattoo wrote in to clarify that he did, in fact, Photoshop out the model’s breast (probably so the photo was suitable for publication in a few magazines). He did say, however, that he’ll send in the unedited photo later in the week.

  9. It’s Megan!!!

    This is one of my besties from highschool and she is indeed a bipatellar amputee and was born with out a left nipple and a significant amount of breast hair. But we still love her! Don’t hate!

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