34 thoughts on “Color Us Impressed

  1. cute, but slightly impractical methinks!
    maybe just put all the less commonly used colours up there, like flourescent green.

  2. #3. Why say anything then? why a comment to insult? it makes no sense the way people have been insulting people who are proud of their mods and show them to us! you should say thank you to her or nothing at all.
    I hope SOMEDAY someone takes the Shannon approach and bitch slaps people and tell them the main rule. if you dont have something nice to say, shut the fuck up.
    and, i think this is a great pic!

  3. I love her two freckles/moles below her eye! They look like they could be an anti-eyebrow piercing.

  4. is there a section on BME of things people put through their piercings? straws, pencils, wangs, etc.?

  5. hmm… that doesn’t look like APP approved jewelry… lol.

    j/k. awesome picture thought. she looks like she was having fun.

  6. #3. it wasn’t about the eyes duder. It was about the ears.

  7. i doubt she could stretch much more with thin lobes like that… gorgeous girl though nontheless and he eyes ARE pretty:)

  8. can anybody tell me if earlobes that thin will effect stretching badly?
    my right lobe is just like that but not quite as stretched, a bit more then a 5/8
    and it kinda concerns me, i would love to let it heal up and re-pierce it,
    but i dont like the thought of restarting the process, or attempting to heal it.
    it’d take quite a bit..
    but if its safe as long as I’m not weight stretching or ripping at it..
    then you should let me know..
    I’m quite a bit nervous about it..

  9. also..
    lol @ 22..
    (= you sound like people at my school
    “what gauge is that?”
    me: “what the hell are you talking about? i dont have any wire..”

  10. Hey, Elijah, the proper use of “gauge” is how you said it: “What gauge are you earlobes?” However, when said “Nice gauges!” or “I’m going to gauge these lobes of mine!”, it’s “incorrect”….. Well, it depends on how picky one wants to get 😉

    Very cute girl, but her ears are WAY thin, and the photoshop is obvious 🙁 But I love her lips 😀

  11. Elijah:

    Embarrassingly enough I have that problem in my left lobe, I redirected the whole with scalpelling. Though it wont make the skin any less thin it will let you get larger holes without stretching that skin and further thinning it out. Since just ‘letting is close back up’ wont work. Least not back to completely closed. Also you could try leaving your plugs out for a couple hours a day for increased circulation in come cases, and rubbing them with tea tree oil. This seemed to help me out 🙂

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