The World Goes Backwards

Sure, IAM: blockedintersection may be bored during a slow day at the piercing shop at which he works — “Thank you, George Bush and the economy” — but look on the bright side: While others cry tears of boredom, you are crying tears of m.-f.-in’ diamonds. (Or Zirconia, I guess.) So … cheer up? I guess?

And with that, let’s call it a day, ModBlog. Oh, and if you haven’t read it yet, I implore you to spend some time reading Ferg’s incredible article from earlier this afternoon. If you read only one intensely personal account of a Westerner being granted unimaginable access to an Indigenous community this year, make it this one.

14 thoughts on “The World Goes Backwards

  1. I really like the placement- it’s not something i’ve actually seen before.
    I usually see the ‘corner of the eye’ placement– which is nice as well– but this makes him look, I don’t know, intriguing (if that makes sense lol).

  2. The constant questions regarding Roo are rather roode towards Jordan. I think he’s doing a great job.

  3. wow thats sweet it reminds me of the queen off the first star wars with red dots on her face

  4. thanks for the compliments guys! although one of them is surfacing, and i’m having it removed next week. 🙁

  5. As a daily reader of modblog for sometime now I’ve not yet been so inclined to leave a comment. However I like the placing of these dermals so much I think it should be said that they are awesome and make him look truly hot!

  6. fionarse I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that!

    I really like the placement.

    At first I thought they were piercings, and I kinda wonder if that would be a good place for them to heal, being above the teeth. I guess you wouldn’t have to worry about biting them.

  7. why won’t my name hyperlink to my iam page… how do i do that?
    (trying something)

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