Suspension Queen!

Jared sent in this wicked footage of Tracie (who seems mildly infatuated with her right boob and was formerly TracieHanna on IAM – More on ModBlog) completing a 27 hook, 18 transition suspension (!!) at the Chicago Tattoo Convention a week ago. Could it be a world record?

The video (and some photos by LukeMyspace) are after the break – Loads more appearing in the Nu Ethix Suspensions gallery on BME soon!

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Good job guys! Oh and I’m sure you’ll recognise a few faces in the video, Brian, Emrys and John Durante to name but a few..

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  2. That was amazing!! And doing it in some big ass heels… Haha

    Ps not to toot my own horn… But all photos done by me….. Toot toot

  3. Damn, my friend Alex broke the record with 11 transitions a few months ago at a convention in Philly (I think?). We knew it wouldn’t last long. Congradulations!

  4. For me it’s going, “Suspension Queen!”, “Honor be Your Clothing” then ”
    I Have the Heart of a Small Boy … and I Keep it in a Jar on my Desk” etc, all of her just disappeared.

  5. there have been some photos missing from links recently. also, my favorite picture ever on modblog is now gone, with the 404 error message. (it was tagged gratuitous pictures of pierced and tattooed ladies i think).

    that aside, she has such a sophistication about her, shes quite gorgeous.

  6. Random/ – I’m so confused! Those are the latest posts on ModBlog you’ve listed, not every post has Tracie in it (unfortunately). There’s a link in the post you can click that will take you to all the posts on ModBlog featuring her.. :)

    “(who seems mildly infatuated with her right boob and was formerly TracieHanna on IAM – More on ModBlog)”

  7. You think that was painful? You should see how she beats me around the house!!!
    Be sure to catch our shows at the upcoming Baltimore and Philly conventions, and have a gin and tonic w/five limes available for Tracie when you see her.

  8. Wow, that’s awesome. Just a curious note though, what do the tatts on the back of her thighs say, plz?

  9. Tracie is such a beautiful and amazing woman!! I don’t care how many times she’s featured on modblog, always brightens my day to see her. Tracie, you’re fuckin’ amazing!!!

  10. Really a nice movie and an incredible suspension. – Really unbelievable.

    This shows me that she has really a lot of suspension experience for doing this.

    I agree… Really, she is THE suspension queen.

  11. Thissuspension is incredible in so many different ways. However there is one part of the video early on where on of the piercers tries to wipe something on Jared face while they are gloved up. This disturbed me enough that I felt I had to comment on it.

  12. Anonymous – I know which part you mean, and judging by the smirk on the cap guy they were joking around.

    I doubt there was any intention of touching his face or piercing his nose with the needle he appears to be holding,

  13. i know which part you’re talking about. that was a conversation on where they wanted gentin violet to be placed. I think its just the hang gestures that appeared that way, but that is now what was going on. I can see how the camera angle portrayed that.

    also, I couldn’t of asked for a better crew to of been helping me out. I was fortunate to have some of the best of the best, and I trusted that every one of them had my best interests at hand. their number one priority being placed on correct procedures, and every ones safety. YOU GUYS ROCKED THAT SHIT!

    and if anyone knows emrys, you know that man doesn’t mess around when it comes suspension.

  14. so i drop by the shop the other day and Oscar (tattooer) is looking at this entry and he goes “see, I appreciate the dedication, love to stare at the ink work on her… heck, I even enjoy a half-naked woman… but I cant understand why she’d do that to her beautiful nipple”

    we laughed our asses off. and then i attended my first walk-in on the desk :D
    what a memorable day! haha

  15. Knees to Resurrection….ouch. Huge props on that transition!

    However I must say…dating Jared has got to suck much worse than any of those positions :)

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