This Week in BME

Good God, well, if this isn’t a fine way to wrap things up this week, I don’t know what is. Two of our returning champions, Heather (more) and Tracie (more, more), covered in blood (or a reasonable substitute), hanging out at the Baltimore Tattoo Convention, and conveniently captured sharing a tender moment by the good folks with Metal Disco Photography. Whew. Yeah. Well…yeah.

And that, friends, will be that for this week. What kinda good times did we have this time around?

Cats vs. Bees: The Revengening.

LA Ink made some unwise personnel decisions, but at least wang tattoos can save your ass.


One of the finer silicone implants we’ve seen in a while. Ahoy.

You’re not a man until you learn to tie a bow-tie.

A children’s treasury of dead celebrity tattoos! We are going directly to hell.

And finally, don’t steal money to fund your body modification procedures, you grinning douchebag.

We’ll make a casual appearance or two over the next couple days, but come Monday morning, this ship sails ahead at full speed. Sounds good? Sounds good. Until then, friends, enjoy yourselves, stay safe and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME. We’ll see you soon.

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Suspension Queen!

Jared sent in this wicked footage of Tracie (who seems mildly infatuated with her right boob and was formerly TracieHanna on IAM – More on ModBlog) completing a 27 hook, 18 transition suspension (!!) at the Chicago Tattoo Convention a week ago. Could it be a world record?

The video (and some photos by LukeMyspace) are after the break – Loads more appearing in the Nu Ethix Suspensions gallery on BME soon!

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Good job guys! Oh and I’m sure you’ll recognise a few faces in the video, Brian, Emrys and John Durante to name but a few..

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I’d Chew Her Back

So, when I posted this people moaned because her backpiece wasn’t entirely visible. I emailed Tracie and asked politely if she had any photos she could send in. Being the awesome person she is, this is what arrived! Hope they clear things up a little..

Photos one and two are copyright Sarah Lippert, – Click through for (slightly) larger views, and never say I don’t do anything for you, whinging buggers.

Apparently this is a giant cover-up, done entirely by Boom at Bad Apple Tattoo Co., Las Vegas. I’m sure now you’ll all be asking to see what it covered eh?

If you want to know what the script on her legs says or just fancy more of her, click here and scroll around to your hearts content.

Jymmi Beam

This awesome set of suspension photos are from jymmi and her crew at the 2008 APP convention..

Read more for another shot of the evening, but don’t be mad at me if there aren’t the usual amount of posts in the next ten hours or so. I’m not going to go into detail here* but I got into a tussle with a man at a bar and my tummy’s bruised (my first ever fight!!) so I’m going to spend the night soaking in the bath.

Above and below are: TracieHanna and KASJA.

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