32 thoughts on “Hey Baby, Wanna Boop?

  1. also, looks like he has another one just to the upper-left of his pelvis too — i wonder how many more he has of Betty.

  2. I agree that it would actually kinda weird me out…But man, he has gotta *love* Betty Boop like none other,

  3. 2 comments: 1) ouch. I don’t even have a winky, and I know that HAD to have hurt (or else he had some VERY effective pain control). 2) Very nicely done; it appears to be freshly completed, though, and I’d love to see how it holds up after it’s healed.

  4. Color me unobservant — on first glance I thought Betty was above a vulva and someone was fingering. Cold medicine fails sometimes.

    I’d be curious to see the full-length version, too.

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