Bait With Your Heart

Hey, how about that? Long-time friend of BME and full-time Mexican Mutant, Phineas Gage Louie, just stretched himself up a two-gauge septril piercing! “Biggest ever?” he asks. What do you all think — anyone ever seen a bigger septril than this? Not that it’s a contest or anything … but, y’know, if it were, Louie, like, totally wins.

A bonus shot of El Mutante with a clearer look at his hu-yuuuuge horns and other various facial accoutrements, after the jump.

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49 thoughts on “Bait With Your Heart

  1. very cute! The horns fit his face very well, and I really like the stretched nostrils and microdermal placement.

    Kaitlin is a very luck gal!

  2. Vern: To answer your question, the piercing just made my eyes water. As for the stretching of my septril, I think having my nostrils stretched helped out a lot. I couldnt imagine trying to insert a taper or transfering jewelry. Like any piercing the stretching sucked a little.

  3. ok, some explain how the fuck that septril stays there
    at this very moment im playing with my septum and it doesnt end

    wheres the other end of the mini-plug?

  4. im with both comments #8 and #9. how does it work? ive oft wondered.

    but that dude DOES look pretty awesome

  5. Ok to answering the questions how about the septril works. First I pierced and stretched my septum. So now there is a bigger hole. Then you pierce that skin and it goes through and sits in the septum. I wear a single flared color front plug from Gorilla Glass. I hope this makes some sense. Its easier to show someone in person.

  6. yay Louie made modblog!! don’t encourage him people, i actually hate this piercing and he’s not allowed to go bigger before the wedding!

  7. I’m actually glad to see the lip plates gone, I’m not a fan at all, and they detract so much from a lovely smile! The septril is interesting, I never would have thought of that one :p Septums are my favourite piercing though and I thought Louie looked great with the large pincher-style jewelry.

  8. nice going Louie!
    where did your huge “labrets” go?!?
    im amazed they healed up so good.

  9. That stretched septril is about one of the most interesting piercings I’ve ever seen. It’s great-looking and the fact that it has people wondering just how it’s done…it’s a big win.

  10. I was actually thinking about this just last night!

    It really nice looking! You can’t really rub your nose anymore. But I like it!

    Louie is such a hottie!

  11. Also, @Kaitlin: What, does it get in the way of makeouts? Also, I thought you’d already tied the knot for some reason. Guess I should’ve looked at your OBT page.

  12. Sam- haha no, I guess I tend to bump it a lot though. It’s just not a very attractive piercing to me, like when he 1st got it pierced at 14g i was not too excited!
    and no, not married yet, but i do get that a lot, people are always asking me if we’re married yet!

  13. What I´d like to know is if he´s still considered to have the largest horns in the world after Cain (I think that´s his name? The one with the Voldemort style nose reconstruction) got his done by Emilio. Those look hella bigger than Louie´s…

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