Sing Out

So, even though tattoos are super boring and awful and nobody should ever write about them, or even think about them, really, because they’re a waste of time, I don’t ever really get tired of stories like this. Take it away, Bill:

My name is Bill and I got my tattoo done at Excalibur Tattoo & Design in Shelton, CT, by a guy named Ducky. I have always loved old school tattooing and the water, so I figured this would be a nice start for further tattoos (I’m working on filling my back). My dad (Tom) and I went to get them together and it was also his first tattoo — his at the age of 53, mine at age 20. Talk about father son bonding …

Close-up shots of said tattoos after the jump.

24 thoughts on “Sing Out

  1. man that was boring. And sentimental. And full of potential memories. You should be ashamed.

  2. Boring. Why talk about tattoos on here jeezzz….

    anyway i loveee his dad’s tattoo, its awesome. and he looks great for 53!

  3. No, to be fair, the guys who post now aren’t as interesting as Sh…

    Backup. To be fair, things did get less interesting when Shannon left (although they were, briefly, and shortly before, very exciting indeed…ahem.). I think that was because we were used to SL’s posting style is all. Modblog is still worth the time even if we are short on pictures of guys inflating their balls and Shannon’s unique viewpoint on things.

  4. id love to hear more about the dad’s tat, could be an interesting story.
    nice work overall!

  5. aw, my mom and i got our first tattoos together as well as my best friend getting her first piercing aside form ears. how sweet. 🙂

  6. definitely cool.

    all of my father’s 4 sons are inked up.. and its funny cause just the other week he mentioned he has been thinking of getting one. he’s been a biker his whole life.. im surprised he’s still an ink virgin myself

  7. Do you think it was Shannon’s posting style that made ModBlog REALLY interesting or the content? Because there seems to be a lot of varied content, from lil tatts to big tatts, simple piercings to large interesting piercings, inflated nutsacks and guess where stuff, but it all seems like 70% less edgy and daring compared to when Shannon was running the show.

    I agree it’s still worth the time mostly, and I still check ModBlog daily. But I don’t check it to learn anything any more. The commentary following the pics is boring and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Roo’s british humour and opposed to Shannon’s canadian humour. Being a Generation Y New Zealander, I was raised on The Simpsons, and then South Park, Futurama, King of the Hill and more recently Family Guy and American Dad. That’s the humour I understand, you’d have to be Bill Bailey or Dylan Moran to be a funny British man.

  8. I gotta admit, I’m a big fan of Jordan. I was unhappy when shannon left, but the posts now are just fine. And Jordan does a damn fine job.

  9. wow. number 5 is so last summer! (haha jk man :P)

    and i like the anchor, makes me jealous… cuz you know, i have an anchor, same position… but mine doesn’t look half as rad haha

    anyways, i agree with no.6; would be awesome to hear the whole story behind the dad’s tat.

  10. #19 are three whole pictures needed lol? I think one would have sufficed to show alllll those details. Cute though.

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