Stay Calm – This is only a drill scalpel..


if you’re lucky

Seth Wallace hunkered down for this scarification piece by Niki Patterson ( HAPPY BIRTHDAY! more)

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13 thoughts on “Stay Calm – This is only a drill scalpel..

  1. if he complained about it hurting too much you could just yell “shut up” and then stab him really hard over and over again

  2. That was epic. The skin removal on the CBB was a bit rough, I didn’t know you had to saw it off like that. From pictures of scarifications I had seen before I thought skin could just peel off when cut on either side.

    I would really love to see healed pictures, this guy doesn’t have IAM?

  3. Sam : I know that the Bactine spray is pretty popular…this is what my artist used… does not numb the pain….you just don’t jump around too much so tha guy can work 😉

  4. i don’t like the combination of removal and shading in this piece, the CBR would have looked so much better in the long run if it was treated in the same way as the wings.

  5. Shading! ._. That one didn’t even cross my mind. The wings look really beautiful, although I’m not liking the part where the skin was removed. Just my personal taste though. 🙂

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