Wear a Brown Tie

It’s really not that hard to get on ModBlog, you know. All it takes is the right combination of interesting photography, well placed piercings, skin-tight latex and a good measure of amateur dentistry. Clearly, pinkdekay up there has been paying attention to our standards of excellence.

(Bridge piercing by handsome Brian Decker at Pure Body Arts in Brooklyn, and photography by Anilom Nor.)

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44 thoughts on “Wear a Brown Tie

  1. it took a few minutes of searching to find the mod in this picture. i’m not too fond of entries like this…

  2. “It’s really not that hard to get on ModBlog”

    …appearently not; all you need is a 14g hole.

  3. shes beautiful, but i wish i could see her mods a little better. its a lovely photo though.

  4. I’ve seen her on iam before. Her having an iam is clearly enough for her to be on modblog, as she is part of the community. Look at her page. Awesome corseting.

    I don’t understand the problem people have with this. Its not like she’s some model out of a magazine that has her navel done or something.

    There are a lot of things that come with this culture, and this embodies a few of the non piercing aspects.

  5. Haha nah I don’t have any 14G Holes.

    Most of them are 16G

    Thanks for the compliments :) truly appreciated.

    We were in this place in Brooklyn that had a bunch of abandoned trollies. It was freezing but I kept warm in my latex outfit haha. The Chung Weitlaner Retractor . . . I purchased it at a thrift store in ATL. It reminded me of Clockwork Orange for some odd reason.They had a section filled with medical instruments and vintage dentist & optometrist chairs . . they were beautiful.

  6. i love antique medical equipment.

    whats not to like about this picture. its a million times better than the one of the guy that covered his dick with maggots.. but i liked that one too, only cause that dood was off his fucking rocker and sickos are interesting

  7. She is gorgeous… To bad Modblog has gone to the crapper… Whatever happened to that Shannon guy? :)

  8. Mae, you’re an idiot. Sorry to be blunt, but you are.
    As is everyone who’s complaining about the lack of mods.

    We’re all part of this community. We all have different size mods (uh oh Mae, you might want to hunt us down and discriminate some more!). Once again… It doesn’t matter what size piercings you have or anything. BME is a place for everyone to talk about everything to do with mods.

    Sometimes we even take some creative pictures! God forbid of course.

    If modblog were full of people with lip plates and 2 inch lobes (although it’s amazing to see), people looking less extreme would feel inadequate. For some reason no one understands that. It’s refreshing to know that there are still people out there who have a piercing here and a small tattoo there.

    Give it a rest everyone.
    Take this picture as it is…. ART.

    When are we going to stop complaining about being discriminated against and then turn around and do the same thing to each other?


    PINKDEKAY: You’re absolutely gorgeous and I love this picture. As Emma said, it looks like there’s a lot of processing in it, but hey… I over process my pictures too.

    Keep it up… and don’t change for ignorance.


  9. “If modblog were full of people with lip plates and 2 inch lobes” modblog would interesting again. Yeah, we’re all beautiful snowflakes, but isn’t this supposed to be a blog of interesting stuff. Sort of fetish picture that might have a 16ga piercing in it? not so interesting unless I’m looking for G-rated jerk-off material. I think I’ll stick to BIZARRE for that.

  10. Haha Brit that’s so funny

    I was thinking the exact same thing. I wondered if I missed a memo about a gauge criteria. :D

    Hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether its a cheer or a jeer its all good ;)

    And yes I am fully aware it is not a dental tool. We were playing around with a medical tool not performing surgery lol I think its all too funny how heated some people get xD

    As for the processing . . . Anilom Nor has a vision and I respect what he does with his photos.

  11. Back when Shannon was running this site, he mentioned that Modblog was not only a place for outstanding mods, but also to feature the better pictures submitted to BME. He’s also posted pictures that weren’t very extreme because they where photos that were very well done. I think this is a fantastic shot featuring a gorgeous woman.

    And apparently she also does tight lacing too(according to the comments, I don’t currently have an active account and can’t view her page), which is a process that takes a lot of time and dedication. Just because her mods aren’t all obvious, doesn’t mean none of them are on the more extreme end of modification. Am I the only one who remembers an entry that was posted a while back (by Shannon I believe, but I could be wrong) of a man who just seemed to be in great shape with a few tattoos? “Funny how self hate can lead to self love,” or something like that was the caption. At a glance the man in the photo didn’t seem to have anything special mod wise, but it was posted because the weight loss and muscle build up he had undergone to improve his well being and state of existence (much many of the mods featured) was worthy enough for a ModBlog feature.

  12. Found it.

    Many people have lost as much weight as he has, or more, and have been able to achieve that same (well, similar) modification, yet there were no complaints about his being featured on ModBlog. Like I said, just because the modification isn’t obvious, doesn’t mean it’s not there or worth less than others.

    And as mentioned above, PinkDekay is also part of the community, which is also a huge aspect of BME (as Shannon had pointed out time and time again). Roo, Jordan, and the IAM community are doing a great job of keeping BME going with interesting and beautiful mods.

  13. MrPibb, you really don’t think it’s interesting? then why do you come here? There is shit from all over the map, unless you don’t think tongue splitting or skin removal is extreme?

    “isn’t this supposed to be a blog of interesting stuff.”
    I thought it was more about the community, which she happens to be a part of.

  14. i bet her bridge isnt the only mod… look a little lower, they are quite easy to see ;P

  15. Here here Angie, Vern & all the peeps with the love <3

    Yes I am an active tight lacer. Thanks for the shouts on that. It is not an easy feat. Currently am down to 17″ hoping to make it down to 16.”

    As stated before a cheer or a jeer it’s all good ;) Everyone has a right to their own opinion. But quite frankly I have always felt the BME community was a place where ppl unite based on their experiences with body modification. Not a place to out shine or out do one another. I have always felt this community to be more like a family. There will always be some that disagree and that’s okay. When did body modification became only about the extremities? I know many regular joes that have hidden, small mods. Does that make them any less of a member of this community? No absolutely not. We are suppose to be family. Not a day goes by that I am not asked “Did that hurted?” about my tight lacing, bridge or whatever. I accept the ignorance I encounter in my everyday life from people who do not understand my motives to perform such rituals. But I did not expect to be ostracize in a community that I thought was driven with love, acceptance, understanding and an open mind. Apparently I need a lip plate and 2 Gauge Plugs. That sounds so high school to me. I think it’s unfortunate.

    ““If modblog were full of people with lip plates and 2 inch lobes” modblog would interesting again. ” I apologize for this because I do not want to stoop down to your level but . . . really? This is a very ignorant statement.

    I’m a lover not a fighter. Peace and love<3

    And no my Bridge is not my only mod lol :D

    Btw Mad love to those that rock the lip plates & 2G Plugs ;) I don’t hate I appreciate lol

  16. ppl like her annoy me cuz they all go around wearing latex thinking their bad ass AND diffrent and orignal ur not ur wearing a stupid outfit

    u anit kool

  17. So here’s the deal, regardless if you only have a single 18g lobe piercing or a 00g ampallang you all have the right to be featured on Modblog. Personally, I love the pic and if you would’ve done just |——–| that much diggin you woulda found out that she has and I quote!!!!

    “7/8 Inch Gauged Ears
    16G Bridge
    16G Septum
    16G Monroe
    16G Vertical Labret
    14G Horizontal Tongue Ring
    Two 14G Horizontal Nipple Rings”

    As a modblogger….that’s enough to be featured. Take a dive before you start talking shit.

  18. It’s an awesome bridge piercing. I don’t see why all the bitching is required really.

    She looks like she’s into vampires.

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