23 thoughts on “A Ladder of Your Backbone

  1. always been tempted by something like this but always been put off by the fact that you wouldn’t really be able to put headphones in and i do love my music

  2. Not a real fan of the placement or the jewelry,
    but the originality of the placement and the awesome
    (what I’m guessing is custom) barbell well make up for it.
    Pretty cool.

  3. i think itd be more asthetically pleasing if it were 3 conches and the tragus rather than having so much jewelry just floppin arround to get snagged on.

    def some interesting jewelry tho

  4. it’s cool, but I know I would get it caught on everything – my spirals already get caught on practically everything as is

  5. I agree with #8…
    But all in all, I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t meant for day to day wear.

  6. that looks incredibly awesome… but not very functional? i’d probably forget about it and poke/pull it by accident

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