Receiving a Home Run Pitch

In case of emergency good times, this tattoo can be used as an affirmation device.

(Tattoo by Ryan Nutini at Skin of a Different Color in Aurora, Illinois.)

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17 thoughts on “Receiving a Home Run Pitch

  1. the hand looks really wrinkly in a loose glove kinda way and the knuckles look outta place and …yea …better than i could do though lol

  2. I think the hand is supposed to be in a glove. I don’t get the tattoo. I would love to know where the placement is

  3. the thumbnail shudnt really be sticking out so far in a glove it makes it look like the skin but its still good.
    tho not sure i get it…

  4. Perhaps it’s a glove made of someone else’s skin. Either way I’d like to hear the story behind this, it looks like it’d be really interesting :D

  5. thats…something. I never like to be the guy that talks shit… but come on. THIS is a feature??

  6. I am so confused. BUT… regardless of all the weirdness, I say rock ON, thumbs-up-glove-made-of-skin-cut-out-able-tattoo. and tell us the story! This shit needs a story.

  7. Boo to all that complained! Although I’ve never been tattooed by Ryan Nutini at Skin of a Different Color, I have had all my ink and piercings (Kivaka and Hole with a Soul) done there and they are all amazingly talented. I’m sure there is a great story behind the tattoo and Ryan Nutini did exactly what the customer wanted. As for the nail on the glove, anyone with a little longer nails shows like that through latex gloves. Skin of a Different Color is one place you just can’t talk shit about, there’s just nothing bad to say.

  8. Dani I don’t think anyone is talking shit about the artist, they just don’t get the tattoo. Neither do I, really XD And latex gloves should be tight, this glove is baggy, and I agree that the nail wouldn’t show like that…

  9. @ Dani:

    What Almaxaquotal said.

    And it doesn’t look like a latex glove…more like a big rubber glove. I’d love to hear the backstory.

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