Walk, Then Run

Bear and his ears are pretty famous around these parts — it’s probably impossible to count the number of people he’s inspired to stretch their ears, to say nothing of other piercings. But after years of stretching (and, at points, getting up to five-and-a-half inches!), even he runs into trouble sometimes, and he was having a rough go of stretching up his right earlobe. After almost a month of wearing these big-ass, heavy CBRs for eight hours a day, though, he got things moving again, and now, after worrying his ear would never stretch again, has more than enough room for his three-and-a-half inch spool. There’s a lesson in here somewhere, I think.

24 thoughts on “Walk, Then Run

  1. it seems so strange to see such a famous face without all the piercings. I dug his labret, and it isn’t in this pic. Hopefully things go well for him (in terms of stretching), as well as for anyone with mods.

  2. I wonder how old he is. But yeah his ears areee awesssomeee. how did he function with those cbrs ! dayumm.

    also wow; he looks like he has some realll meaty lobes, i cant even imagine trying to stretch my ears that much

  3. They’re so beautiful. His beard length is almost the same as his ears. Usually the opposite!

  4. That’s really inspiring. I’ve gotten so used to seeing blown out and thinned out 1.5″ lately I forgot there was still patience and beauty out there.

  5. i picture him living in a hut somewhere, giving life-affirming advice to those in need. haha
    bear is just such an icon. love the guy.

  6. Out of all the people that I respect for the extremes they have taken a specific modification to, Bear is definately my favorite and the one that I have the most respect for, probably because he’s such a cool and insightful person.

  7. It says on your iam page Bear that you have formulated an oil mixture that helps with the stretching. I’m very interested.

    I would love to buy some, want a guinea pig?

  8. Ever since I first heard of Bear I wished and wished for a relative like him I could go visit on Holidays. Still hasn’t happened, and my relatives are still jerks. 🙁

  9. Since i’m not from the states, i’ve never met him in person,but he looks awesome. i love his stretching.
    he sounds kind as well (seen him on Modify DVD).

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